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NLP Master Practitioner 2017 begins 8 September 2017

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The Master Practitioner: How you learn

On our Master Practitioner you are learning from doing and discussing.  We have been running full-length, full-syllabus NLP Master Practitioner courses since 1996 and our courses are different in design and in content.  

The 2017 programme is based on 20 years of refining the Master Practitioner in a continuous improvement drive to make it one of the best available, anywhere.

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As with all Pegasus NLP courses and workshops when you take part in our Master Practitioner you are participating in an interactive learning experience, in a small group, in an atmosphere that is fun and very informal – and in a training that is very thorough!

You learn through discussing, exploring, experimenting, challenging, questioning, and applying what you learn in a very hands-on manner. In addition to learning techniques – you will be exploring the core principles which support the techniques and you will be modelling the NLP attitude of creativity, flexibility, adventure and fun.

You are part of a team – not an audience

In our Master Practitioner training you won’t get lost in the crowd. You learn as part of a small group of around 12 people. You have on-going personal access to the trainers and you learn by doing and discussing rather than sitting and listening.

As with all Pegasus NLP training programmes you are an individual, not just a customer.

You are an explorer rather than a student

At Pegasus NLP we respect your integrity, your intelligence and your individuality. We recognise you as an explorer of advanced NLP rather than a student-to-be-taught. And our learning approach reflects this: in our programmes your learning is facilitated – you are not ‘taught’.

We use a small-team approach to learning in which everyone, including the facilitators, learn from one another’s view and life experience and in which all views, questions, and contributions are respected. At Pegasus we believe that this approach is essential in adult learning, even more so at Master Practitioner level, and that it enables us all to benefit from one another’s experiences and skills.

Cooperative Learning

From the outset you will be part of a small coaching group of 3 or 4 others. In this way, with on-going access to the course facilitators, you and your co-learners will be coaching one another.

Apply what you learn as you learn

You will be using what you are learning to model your own experience and that of others in a range of indoor and outdoor activities and experiences – and apply it on a Modelling Project of your choice during the 12 weeks span of the Master Practitioner.

Benefit from NLP experience and not just knowledge

What you learn will be securely grounded in the real world rather than in training-room theory!

Our team of Certified NLP Trainers have many years of hands-on experience in applying NLP in a wide range of real life situations in business, sales and sales training, management, training and training design, management consultancy, coaching and therapy, and personal and professional development



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