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Previous newsletters

There a lot of them so we have them in different categories

About communicating with others   Tips and insights into how we can improve how we communicate with others

About managing your moods and emotions (1) and managing your moods and emotion (2)  How you can use NLP to manage your moods and emotional reactions.

About using NLP in the workplace  How NLP can be applied in the work – in managing, leading, team development, and in your career.

Various NLP skills and techniques  Some articles explaining the ‘core skills’ which enable NLP techniques to work well

Designing and using goals, outcomes and motivation  There is a lot more to goals than SMART objectives. This section details the kind of precision that NLP brings to designing and implementing goals and objectives

Then we have a ‘won’t neatly fit into a category!’ category!

And …

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By Reg Connolly, Director of Training, Pegasus NLP