NLP Practitioner Part 2 - why take part

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5 Reasons to take part in NLP Practitioner 2

(1) Personal & Professional Development

NLP Practitioner Part 2 is a inspiring personal and professional development training programme packed with information, insights and practical techniques.

Over nearly two months (two 7-day modules plus about 3-4 weeks between them) you will be giving yourself a thorough makeover in how you think, feel, act, and communicate – with benefits in

Managing & Leading

Running a business

Sales & Marketing

Motivating and influencing

Training and coaching

As in Core Skills you learn-by-doing.  You first apply what you learn in your own life – so you benefit from it and so that you will be more skilful and congruent in how you apply the methods with others.

During the course you will be part of a ‘coaching group’ with two or three others in which you explore practical applications for what you learn and fine tune your skills.

(2) Communicate with exceptional skill

A key focus of this programme is the development of quite exceptional skill in how you understand and communicate with others.

You will learn to use the two parts of the NLP Language Model, the Meta Model and the Milton Model to be able to 

Recognise the thinking patterns, including limiting beliefs, which lie behind what a person says

Help others clarify their thinking by using a ‘conversational coaching’ approach

Recognise and deflect attempts by others to un-usefully influence you

Add precision and emotional impact in how you communicate with individuals and groups.

The Language Model is one of the most powerful NLP processes. Richard Bandler , one of the original NLP developers, has described the Meta Model as ‘the basis of everything we do’.

At Pegasus NLP we specialise in making the NLP Language Model accessible and memorable because we believe it is the most important, most powerful and most practical of all the NLP processes – and the one which you are likely to use most frequently in your daily personal and professional life for years to come.

(3) Use ‘Strategies’ to become more skilful

‘Strategies’ are the automatic or ‘unconscious’ programmes which each of us has for doing just about everything we do. Strategies are like recipes. And we have strategies or recipes for eating, planning, being excited, communicating, getting annoyed, becoming fearful, successfully handling situations, and so on.

Some strategies work excellently. And some cause us problems – they are not fit for purpose. In this Programme you learn how to recognise which strategy you, or someone else, is using in a particular situation, assess if this is effective and efficient, and alter or replace it if necessary.

You can use your skill with strategies to improve your own performance, overcome difficulties or develop new skills and assist others in doing the same, whether as a coach, friend, parent, manager, etc.

(4) Use Values to motivate yourself and others

As we briefly explored in NLP Core Skills, Values are the feelings which we wish to experience or avoid experiencing; which we wish to move towards or away from. A thorough understanding of Values, backed by real skill in utilising them, is fundamental to motivating yourself and to making important decisions in your life.

Like the Language Model, we consider Values to be critically important which is why you will be exploring them throughout the Programme. You will be developing your own Values Hierarchy so that you know your own values and their importance relative to one another. You will be using this to examine how your daily life is or is not fulfilling your top values – and discovering how you can remedy this where necessary.

You will also be looking at how you can use your Values Hierarchy to make more considered, proactive and far-sighted decisions in your personal and professional life.  And, having learned to work with your own values and use these to motivate your self and clarify your own decision-making, you will then look at how to apply the process with others at work and at home.

(5) NLP Change & Influencing Techniques

You learn and explore a wide range of techniques in NLP Practitioner 2 which you can use

In your personal and professional development – to overcome difficulties and to improve how you communicate and influence

With other people who seek your help and who wish to overcome their own difficulties and to improve how they communicate and influence

Click here to view the full NLP Practitioner Programme Part 2 brochure

And if you like lots of detail the full Practitioner Part 2 syllabus is here

By Reg Connolly, Director of Training, Pegasus NLP


With our NLP Practitioner Part 2 course you have a two-day money-back guarantee. If you are not convinced that the course will benefit you just let us know any time up to the end of the second day and we will refund your course fee – plus accommodation fee if you’ve stayed on site. And we will do this promptly, in full, and without question.