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NLP Tips, Techniques, Information & ArticlesPegasus NLP tips and techniques

NLP has rightly become famous for its range of techniques - there are techniques for changing and improving just about anything you do!

All of the techniques work to some extent if you follow them carefully - and you may need to improvise a little at times. For example a lot of NLP techniques appear to rely heavily on having a great ability to visualise - even though many people do not visualise very clearly. Here you can simply pretend that you are visualising - and the techniques will often work just as well!

Use NLP Techniques with rapport

NLP techniques are designed to be used alongside a lot of subtle skills such rapport, calibration, language patterns, anchoring, etc. which really need to be learned in live training sessions where you are interacting with others and have feedback from the trainer. Nevertheless you can still obtain results through using them on their own.

Below are links to the free NLP information, tips and techniques that are scattered throughout this site. We aim to be a source of free, interesting, stimulating and, occasionally, humorous or provocative NLP ideas and methods.

Will the techniques work?

NLP tips and techniques work best when you have attended a full-length NLP Practitioner Programme or have had, at least, some hands-on experience through attending a workshop.

However by carefully following the descriptions you can certainly benefit from them even if your experience of NLP has been only through books. 



Links to Pegasus NLP tips and techniques:

  1. Make your goals more realistic

  2. What is 'good eye contact'?

  3. The fundamental NLP Principles

  4. NLP FAQ - frequently asked questions

  5. Representational systems

  6. Basic Behavioural Modelling

  7. Individual Models of the World

  8. Accelerated Learning

  9. Different ways of viewing the same situation

  10. The Meta Model

  11. Rapport

  12. NLP Qualifications

  13. The NLP Swish

  14. Unconscious leakage 

  1. Rep. Systems: Predicates

  2. Eye accessing clues

  3. Will McDonald remembered

  4. Hunting for your negative anchors

  5. Well Formed Outcomes & a personal view

  6. A personal view of Reframing

  7. NLP in relationships & in schools

  8. NLP in management

  9. NLP in selling

  10. NLP in sport

  11. Differing 'Models of the world'

  12. The Neuro-Logical Levels or 'Personality Map'

  13. Notes on NLP and Teams from the NLP Conference 2009

  14. Notes on NLP and Leadership from the NLP Conference 2010

Links to Pegasus NLP Newsletter articles:

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