Train the Trainer 2018 Certification

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Questions about participation and certification

Who can attend Train the Trainer?

Everyone who has successfully certified as an NLP Practitioner or an NLP Master Practitioner on a full-length, full-length NLP certification programme of at least 120 training hours.

Is there a difference between participating as a Practitioner vs. as a Master Practitioner?

No. Some of the group will have certified as NLP Practitioners – others as Master Practitioners. The programme is designed to provide you with the skills and insights to advance your career and/or your business as a trainer, coach and presenter and everyone who is eligible to participate should be able to achieve this.

Becoming a Certified NLP Trainer is important if you plan on running NLP certification programmes.  But it is not important if you plan on running NLP application workshops.

What certification do you provide?

Having completed Train the Trainer and programme assessment process you have two options for certification:

  1. As a certified NLP Master Practitioner you can opt to certify as a Certified NLP Trainer
  2. As a certified NLP Practitioner you can opt to certify that you have successfully completed the programme and the assessment.

What is the difference?

This depends on your objectives

I do not intend to run NLP certification programmes: If you are a Certified NLP Practitioner or Certified NLP Master Practitioner and your objective is to develop advanced skills for designing and delivering exceptional workshops and training courses, on any topic and including NLP application workshops, Train the Trainer is the course for you.  And you do not need to be a Certified NLP Trainer.

I intend to run NLP certification programmes: If you intend to run NLP Certification training programmes and use the title Certified NLP Trainer you must have successfully have completed the assessment process on Train the Trainer and be a Certified NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner.

I intend to run NLP certification programmes and have these recognised by the Professional Guild of NLP:   Professional Guild recognition of your own NLP certification programmes is subject to conditions including an additional 120 hours NLP training in addition to your NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Train the Trainer attendance.  (Full details of Guild requirements are at the end of this page.)

What is the difference between NLP ‘Application workshops’ and ‘Certification programmes’?

  1. NLP application training courses and workshops usually last up to a few days and deal with the practical applications of NLP.
  2. NLP certification programmes are longer, cover a wide range of NLP methods, adhere to the Professional Guild of NLP syllabus and guidelines regarding length, content, and training design, and bring people to the level of NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner.

I am an NLP Practitioner but I do not plan on running Certification courses

In this case you do not need to become a Certified NLP Trainer.  Most Train the Trainer participants will be planning to use their Train the Trainer skills to design and deliver training programmes in the application of NLP and other subjects – something which Train the Trainer will equip you to do.

(Incidentally, if you later decide that you would like to also run NLP Certification programmes you can do this. You simply need to complete a full-length and full-syllabus Master Practitioner programme run by any Member of the Guild and then apply to us to complete the NLP Trainer certification process.  We will then ask you to attend 2 days on one of our programmes as a training assistant which will give us the opportunity to observe and assess your skill.  We make no charge for this.)

What if I don’t meet the required level of skill at the end of the programme

In the unlikely event that we are unable to confirm your successful completion of the assessment conditions we will provide full feedback and guidance on doing some further work. We will then ask you to attend one of our programmes as a training assistant for re-assessment, for which there will be no charge.

Why is this ‘unlikely’ to occur? The Train the Trainer group is small – up to about 10 people – so you will be receiving coaching and ongoing feedback from other participants and trainers almost every day.  You will also have your coaching group to work with either before the morning start each day or in the evenings (do set aside time for this if you are not staying on site).  And you will also be designing and delivering lots of presentations during the programme and receiving feedback on these.

I may have to miss some days

It is ideal to attend all training days. However if your schedule means that you have to miss a day or two this is not a problem.  The Professional Guild of NLP currently does not have a minimum number of training hours/days (although we are moving towards making the limit 15 days).  If you have to miss a day or two you will be able to work with your coaching group to get up to speed.

The Programme is equivalent to 18 days of training and if the number of attendance days is likely to fall below 15 days let us know and we can discuss things – including the possibility of your attending in a training assistant capacity on another course.



Notes on Certification through the Professional Guild of NLP

Pegasus NLP Certification is recognised by the Professional Guild of NLP and we are Founder Members of the Guild.

Assessment for Certification as an NLP Trainer is ongoing throughout the programme. It is completed over the final Module based on the subjective evaluation of the team of Certified NLP Trainers.  You will receive full details of the certification criteria during Module 1 and we will have coaching groups from early in Module 1.

Most people attend the Train the Trainer Programme to develop advanced training and presenting skills to use in their own business or in an organisation.  If, in addition to this, you would also like to run your own NLP Certification Training Programmes in which the certification will be recognised by the Professional Guild of NLP the requirements are:

(1) Gold Membership: You must be a Gold Member of the Guild. For this you will have completed 480 hours attendance at NLP training courses. Your Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Train the Trainer certification programmes will bring your total to at least 360 hours.

The next 120 hours are generally accumulated by attending as a training assistant on certification programmes and/or by attending further NLP courses as a participant. This attendance can be backdated to include any such training, including attendance at the London NLP Conference, which you may have participated in since beginning your NLP Practitioner Certification Programme.

(2) Sponsorship: Enter into a sponsorship arrangement with any Member Organisation of the Professional Guild of NLP. (Please ask for details of the sponsorship guidelines.)


(3) Guild-registered Trainer: invite a Certified NLP Trainer, who is an Organisational Member of the Guild, to complete the certification assessment on your own NLP Certification Programme. (Most people find this the simplest and most cost-effective method.)

(4) Course Manual: The course manual which you use on your own NLP Certification Programme must be to a Guild-approved standard, as assessed by your Sponsor or Certifying Trainer, and at least 60% of this must be your own original work.

By the way, if you have questions about Professional Guild certification please email Reg Connolly

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