7 Years of NLP Newsletters… (err, no, it's actually 8 years)

The Pegasus NLP Newsletter is 7 years old this month, January 2008!

(I’d actually got it wrong in this article. The first newsletter was published on 16 January 2000 https://www.nlp-now.co.uk/insomnia.htm – so I’ve now also changed the title – spotting this error took a while – so I’ve just changed things… on 7th January 2014!)

And to celebrate this we’re beginning a new 7-part series “Driving your own bus – 7 NLP practical tips”. The series is about using practical and (mainly) NLP techniques for feeling more in charge of yourself and of your moods. (You can view back issues here.)

It’s interesting to reflect upon how things have changed in the seven years since January 2001.Back then subscribers were very happy to receive an NLP newsletter every one or two or even three months as long as it was thorough and readable and practical. Nowadays most subscribers prefer short snappy NLP newsletters that are practical and to-the-point – they receive so many newsletters that most are simply scanned for gems of interest.

Here at Pegasus NLP we aim to strike a happy medium between the two extremes: between the long, carefully crafted and very thorough newsletter and the short and snappy but somewhat simplistic one.As a result, nowadays our newsletters are about half their former length and (in 2008 and onwards) we aim to get them out much more frequently. Time will tell on how effective we are in meeting this objective 🙂

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