Pegasus NLP - refreshingly practical NLP for 37 years

NLP training that respects your intelligence, your individuality, and your integrity

34 years of NLP courses

We’ve been running very practical NLP Courses from 1985 until 2019.

This means that on a Pegasus NLP course you learn in-depth and gimmick-free NLP that’s based on years of experience in business, management and leadership, coaching, training, therapy, and team development.

Right now, due to the pandemic, our courses have been 'on hold' since the beginning of the Covid pandemic.

However we are hopeful that, as things gradually continue to normalise, we will again be holding 'live' courses in Hampshire's New Forest from late 2022.

In the meantime you might like to link up with our Pegasus NLP Newsletter.  This includes practical tips on how to look after your mind and body.  And it will include advance details of our courses once these resume.

Refreshingly different

On our training courses you experience in-depth NLP personal and professional development which, since 1998, has included the great High Ropes and Low Ropes outdoor courses.

The Ropes courses provide an extra dimension to how you can use NLP in your daily life.  On our NLP training programmes you learn in an inspiring setting: a 66 acre woodland estate with two lakes...

...away from it all in Hampshire’s New Forest - yet just 2 hours from London, Oxford, Exeter, or Bristol...

And... instead of a hotel room, you learn a large wooden Lodge, surrounded by trees, where you breath fresh country air and where your break-out sessions can be outside among the trees.  You can even live on-site in the Lodge.


Practical NLP courses where you can immerse yourself in thorough NLP. Learn by doing and discussing rather than sitting and listening.

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What is NLP?

What exactly is NLP? Why the strange name? Did it really begin nearly 50 years ago? How to learn it - and how to select the right training provider for you.

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NLP articles

Check over 100 articles on using NLP in your life. Manage thoughts and feelings, communicate with greater skill, and apply NLP at work.

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NLP Newsletter

Monthly how-to NLP tips and techniques that you can trust - because they based on the practical use of NLP - we've been playing around with NLP for a few decades, now.

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