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This site is written by humans (not chat bots). It is it is collated by me, Reg Connolly, the founder of Pegasus NLP, a great team of NLP Trainers which has been delivering NLP courses and certification programmes in the UK and Ireland for a quarter of a century until a few years ago.

Here you will find a lot of practical, down-to-earth NLP insights and skills that have stood the test of time – and which are now available for you to use right away.

NLP in Action

Our NLP In Action section has hundreds of examples of how NLP can fit into your everyday life – into how you think, feel, and get along with others.

About NLP

NLP has now been around for just over 50 years. Learn how it began, the value of NLP in your life, what ‘NLP Practitioner’ means, and what the courses offer.

NLP Newsletter

Our NLP Newsletter is a great source of tips, life hacks and useful NLP insights. It is also very practical, with action points to use right away, and takes around 5 minutes to read.

Latest NLP Articles

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