Pegasus NLP Master Practitioner - behavioural modelling

NLP Behavioural Modelling

Behavioural Modelling in NLP is the ability to identify, in precise detail, how somebody does something.

We can model desirable skills such as how they manage stress or successfully play sport or manage a team of people. And we can also model skills which people wish to change such as their ability to stress themselves or to feel angry, un-confident, or anxious.

NLP Behavioural Modelling is a very thorough process in which we aim to precisely identify everything that is involved in a person’s skill:

  • their mental and behavioural strategies
  • how their surroundings influence behaviour
  • how their beliefs and values influence their ability
  • the degree to which their self esteem supports what they do
  • How their mental filters operate (i.e. Meta Programmes).


Why use behavioural modelling

(1) Skills enhancement or transfer

We use this to improve 'valued' abilities such as sports performance, public speaking, or effective leadership or selling.  First we develop a blueprint of everything that goes into how 'the expertt' performs their skill, including their beliefs and motivation.

We can then use this model to

Coach a person in improving their performance and/or

Acquire their expertise for ourselves and/or

Teach the ability to others. 

(2) Skills modification or replacement

We can use Behavioural Modelling as part of a comprehensive coaching or mentoring process to change or replace un-helpful skills such as


Getting angry

Becoming overwhelmed

Undermining one's self esteem

Under-performing at work.

Modelling in this way enables us to precisely coach the person in an amended or different approach.  Because we consider 'negative' behaviours to be skills we can coach the person in changing or replacing such skills in order that they can live a more fulfilling life.

Everyone on the Master Practitioner will not just learn Modelling but will be actively using it to develop their own Modelling Project.

(3) Because experts can’t teach

An expert is someone who can successfully and consistently achieve a particular result.

But most expert performance occurs unconsciously. Ask them how they do it and at best they will be able to tell you what they think they do. Their real expertise is out of their conscious awareness.

This makes it difficult for the expert to teach their expertise - without the assistance of an NLP Behavioural Modeller - or unless they use Behavioural Modelling to model their own skill, something which can be time-consuming.  With NLP Behavioural Modelling we can identify the many out-of- awareness factors which account for individual or team success - and use this in skills enhancement or in skills replacement.

(4) Modelling in product development

As mentioned above, modelling is excellent for designing and marketing workshops or other products – some past Master Practitioners have run workshops to teach the skills the identified in theie own Modelling Project.


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