Get it right or learn-by-doing?

This months Pegasus NLP Newsletter arose out of observing the differing approaches and styles of different NLP Core Skills groups when doing the Spiders Web challenge on the Low Ropes course – and afterwards reviewing their experience with them.

The Spider's Web Challenge

The Spiders Web challenge is web a made of light rope and is about 2 m square. The challenge is to get a group 6-9 people through the web without touching the ropes and only allowing one person to go through each hole.

This means that the activity does requires a degree of careful planning.

And most groups, at this stage, tend to polarise into two camps: the let’s plan this carefully and the let’s just get on with it! groups – something which, when they are later using NLP to review and learn from their Ropes’ experiences, produces some hilarity and lots of personal insights!

The newsletter explores how neither approach is the absolute right one – but that the let’s just do it approach tends to produce (1) more failures and therefore (2) more successes and definitely (3) more learning and experience.

This Pegasus NLP Newsletter article is online here:

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  1. tudedude on 5th October 2009 at 7:54 PM

    An alternative scenario:

    Admittedly, the doers are the fun group to be around, they grab the attention, and give things the wow factor.

    We make mistakes, and get it right next time, yeah! We are the doers the now people.

    Then there are those, the quieter section, they want to get things right, sometimes looked down on as the geeker crew, they find it harder to make snap descisions, they need time to analyse.

    They might not be such instant fun to be around, it might take a bit more time to get to know them, they have feelings too, just a bit deeper down.

    Include them, nurture them, cause when the s*** hits the fan, they are the ones that are going to put things right :-))