Give gifts to create feelings – or just create feelings?

Christmas: the time for gifts?

Giving presents is a ‘funny’ process.

And a slightly complicated one, too, if you think about it…

if you delve a little deeper – under the bonnet – which is what we do in NLP...

On the surface we give a present because…

  • We want to see the joy and surprise when they open it?
  • To impress them?
  • They’ve just given you one – or you know they’re about to?
  • You feel you should?
  • It’s a certain time of the year - a birthday or holiday period?

Underneath and beneath that surface we do it, hopefully, because we want to make someone feel good.

The only way?

But is giving a present the only way of doing this? Could there be more a direct way of making people feel good? Could there be a way of making people feel good that does not require us to give something in return?

That doesn’t cost money?

That doesn’t depend on a calendar date?

That isn’t limited to family or friends?

(In case you hadn't guessed the answer is ‘yes’ - and it’s the subject of this Pegasus NLP Newsletter article)


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