Pegasus NLP Master Practitioner - why take part

Why take part in 'the Masters'

A thorough immersion in advanced NLP

By the time you complete the Master Practitioner you will have completed 240 hours of NLP training. This alone will set you apart from the majority of NLP Master Practitioners - most of whom will have attended much shorter courses.

In addition to this you will experience a range and depth of NLP learning that move your skills and insights toward the level of unconscious competence. And which you can bring to this level by practise between modules and after the programme.

Avon Lodge where we hold our NLP training programmes in the New Forest

Coach with integrity

Develop your personal life coaching style by learning with, and modelling the approaches of, three trainers who share between them decades of practical, hands-on counselling, coaching and mentoring experience.

You will be learning how to apply advanced NLP methods to facilitate enduring and in-depth personal change - in a natural, and conversational manner. And you will be developing a style of coaching that is unique to Pegasus NLP and which integrates coaching with Behavioural Modelling.

Use Meta Programmes to understand people

These out-of-awareness filters provide insight into why people make decisions, hold preferences and prejudices, and communicate and react they way they do. This skill enables you to mentally run a personality profiling process in the course of ordinary conversation - especially important in team leadership, selling, interviews and coaching situations.

Use Advanced Language Patterns with ease

Develop a natural and conversational style of NLP by refining the Milton and Meta Model NLP Language Model skills from your Practitioner Certification Programme as well as acquiring additional patterns.

Behavioural Modelling... and 'seamless NLP'

In NLP behavioural modelling you create a detailed ‘blue-print’ or model of how someone does something e.g. how they successfully play golf, handle difficult customers, get angry with loved ones, or procrastinate.

Your in-depth experience of Behavioural Modelling will enable you bring your NLP skills to an exceptional level... where you can use NLP with ease and in a seamless, conversational manner - and in just about any situation, and without having to rely on formulae or techniques.  And where you do use standard NLP techniques you will be able to tailor these to suit the needs and the personality of the other person.  (See also this page on Modelling)

Be part of a focussed team

On NLP Core Skills you are part of a team for four days.

On NLP Practitioner 2 you are part of a team which is together for 14 days and is able to keep in touch with one another in the 3-5 week break between modules.

On the Masters you are part of a team of Practitioners with advanced skills. You share 18 learning days with them and also have two between-module breaks.  And you have the opportunity to ensure your Master Practitioner group continues as an on-going resource of highly skilled NLPers  long after the Programme has ended.

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