New Year Resolutions!

Most New Year Resolutions last until about the middle of January… So I hope, if you’ve made one, that you’re planning on having it last a bit longer than that.

One thing to pay attention to is the impact of what your resolution or goal focusses upon. Does it focus on what you want – or on what you don’t want?

For example if your goal is I want to feel less nervous that evokes one mindset. But notice what happens if you re-phrase it I am moving towards becoming more confident and at ease. Now you attention is not on feeling nervous but on feeling more at ease.

If, say, your goal is to end the habit of smoking cigarettes phrasing it I want to stop smoking ensures you’ll continue to think about smoking. Having a goal I am moving towards being an ex-smoker who feels fitter and breathes more easily! The former ensures you’re continuously paying attention to the idea of smoking cigarettes rather than on the benefits of being an ex-smoker.

The impact of focussing on what you do want rather than on what you don’t want is huge.

(By the way this the topic is also explored in the next issue of our Pegasus NLP Newsletter, which goes out later this week, and is explored in some depth in our NLP Core Skills workshop.)