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We invite participants to send us feedback a few weeks after the course - when they have had time to reflect on the course and recognise its impact on their lives.

We do this because we believe such  carefully considered reports are more valuable than rushed feedback comments on end-of-course 'happy sheets'. 

Note: Some people refer to the course being five or six days. We used to have a free day half way through but recently changed the format to a straight 4-day training.

Fantastic time

I just wanted to thank you both for a fantastic time at Avon Tyrrell last week.  It was an excellent experience, with plenty to take away and apply to each person's individual situation.

I have already started to notice how more aware I am of how others are communicating and therefore how I can adjust my behaviour to make the situation more effective.  I also have a couple of career related meetings coming up where I will be applying more of the techniques we learnt last week.

Thank you also for access to the brilliant photos you took on the various ropes exercises - excellent reminders of what was achieved. Thank you again for making my first exposure to NLP such a good one - I look forward to meeting you again.  

Enabled me to better understand myself

The training has given me a wonderful insight into NLP and how it can be used in all aspects of my life. The course was not only personally challenging but it has also enabled me to better understand myself and others. The training environment and the other people who were also on the course only supported the learning experience. (James Nelson, HR Officer)

Instant positive effect

Life changing (my wife says it's the best money we've ever spent.....and she wasn't even on the workshop!!!)

Most enjoyable aspect: Being 'away' from the outside and being able to absorb the material and experiences without the outside world's distractions - also, being with/living with a group of people that were going through the same thing but with unique perspectives and outcomes

Attending Core Skills has had pretty much an instant positive effect on my working life and, more importantly, it has had a major impact on my personal life which I'm seeing through a fresh pair of eyes.  Chris, Accountant, UK

Lovely to wander through the woods

Great environment - lovely to wander through the woods with new friends practicing new techniques. Plus the joy of observing the outcomes of those techniques on others.

This course gave me a significant insight into myself and also how I could support others with their development. Not only did this programme increased my self-awareness but also as a trainer, I've been able to share some of the NLP techniques with others - such as the eye movements for example - that were useful as stand-alone aspects of NLP.

Most useful and enjoyable aspects: Observing how the trainers used the NLP techniques in all their interactions with us plus the great content and the way it was presented. Plus working with a great group of delegates. Plus the supportive environment created by the trainers meant learning felt very safe.  Caroline Bell, Trainer/Coach, UK

I was considering an 'accelerated' course

The course was very helpful at both a personal and professional level. I found that the group was integrated very rapidly - down to good facilitation skills. There was no obvious pressure placed on the individual. At all times the environment felt safe. This encouraged learning and practice.

I had initially considered doing an accelerated course but am so glad I did not. The course was very full and the gap between the NLP Core Skills course and the Practitioner part 2 course allows for consolidation of knowledge.

Although only a month since I completed Core Skills, it has enabled me to look at some work situations and review my interpretation of events and help others to reconsider their approaches in order to achieve a win win outcome. (Mary Pay, Lead Education Facilitator)

Unblocked some negative thinking

I think that it will eventually help me with my work and I am actually still working through things and I have been able to gain a valuable insight as to who I am and more than anything it helped me understand what I did not want in my life and has unblocked some negative thinking and also I am now not afraid to speak my mind. (Sharon, Community Worker)

Structures to use within my business

I immersed myself in as many experiences as possible. This enabled me to maximise my own learning. The environment and the friends (as now see them) that shared the activities with me made the five days an exceptional experience and certainly brought to life the often 'technical jargon' of the NLP world.

Several of the models/techniques have provided me with structures to use within my business, especially when talking to clients for the first time. It offered further techniques that have enhanced my relationship building and understanding of other people's 'worlds'. Very useful.

Most enjoyable aspects: Working with others; listening to other people's experiences, thoughts and views. Learning new techniques for self development and to use in the business. Being in a different environment that allowed fresh thinking. Nicky Donnelly, Training and HR Consultant, UK

I’m sending my boyfriend!

The course has enabled me to focus clearly on what is really important to me - I am consequently quitting my desk-job, going part-time and concentrating on things I enjoy - playwriting, workshop leading, and eventually (once I have completed a few more Pegasus courses) coaching.

Most useful and enjoyable points: I have found 'being aware of my state' particularly useful, and goal setting using PECSAW - I am in the process of quitting my job as a result.

Also the positive anchoring at the end really helped. I really loved the blind walk and the outside aspects of the course. I thought it was a great balance. I really enjoyed it, got a lot out of it, and thought it was fantastic. Am sending the boyfriend on it in March.  Sarah, Paralegal/Playwrite, England.

Now I don’t go anywhere else

Tried several other NLP courses, found Pegasus now I don't go anywhere else. Why? A clarity of purpose, credible teaching and a sincerity not found elsewhere.

Hugely beneficial as a father (I’ve just repeated the course after a long gap), all the way through my two daughters teenage years; I've learnt to respect their space, set a good example and amazingly we're as close as ever and never stop laughing. In my career,

I'll be honest, I haven’t made any more money - probably because its not as important to me - but I have chaired meetings with government ministers, lunched with Dukes and never been either intimidated nor at a loss of what to say. Matt Swain, farmer and accountant, UK

Beaten my expectations  (Switzerland)

It was really great! It has beaten my expectations, and I got recommendation from a friend. The fact that we have lived together has made it much easier for us to learn and get into NLP.

I enjoyed the atmosphere, the course was very well organized, and the participants were a wonderful bunch of very different people who were all discovering NLP. We had a lot of fun. The trainer's NLP principles' integration in their own way of training and talking to us, was an additional motivator.

I got much more from this course than I could have possibly imagined and am already looking forward to the following parts. As soon as I got back to my coaching practice, I immediately integrated some skills which I learned at the course. NLP is not just a method, for me, it is a life attitude.  Claudia, Certified Professional Coach, Switzerland


Inspirational I came away feeling positive and clear as the direction I want to path my career and the part that NLP will play within thisI am already using my NLP at work and have supported a number of staff with my new NLP techniques. Malcolm Pilling, People Development Consultant


Awesome. I went on NLP Core Skills not really having any idea what I would get out of it.

Of course I had hopes that i could find the keys to allow me to somehow feel better about myself and tools to help me deal better with situations. Core Skills has given me far more than I'd hoped for.

I could write forever on it, but it seems at this current moment, only a few days after the course and without a clear understanding of the long term effects, to have achieved one major thing. It has achieved in me an understanding that nothing is set in stone. That negative 'I am,' 'I am only,' I cant, 'I failed, 'I don’t deserve' etc are nothing but beliefs and that they are based on nothing. Combine that with meeting the most staggeringly heartwarming people and you have the most magic of combinations. Wow.

I'm more relaxed, mellow even. I can accept compliments without arguing (entrenched beliefs) which means I come across as more positive. I can now listen better, advise more openly and with less contamination, and I no longer finish others sentences.

All of which allow me to come across as more positive, more open and less aggressive. I smile more! And that’s 3 weeks after the course. Just imagine what I'll be doing in 6 months time!  Hannah Edwards, Snapper (i.e. photos!), England

Superb course

A fantastic experience in a beautiful setting with trainers who are enthusiastic without being overbearing. Skills were gained almost without realising it and plenty of opportunity to practice without feeling pressured in any way. Brilliant use of flip-chart visuals.

A superb course with two excellent trainers using skills that immediately put delegates at ease. A very comprehensive covering of NLP core skills, delivered in a very fun and practical way. Plenty of opportunities to 'get your hands dirty' practicing newly found skills and techniques.

Although skills will be used extensively in my current job, the course has given me the confidence to start putting my plans of career change into action. Most enjoyable points: The relaxed atmosphere throughout and the methods used to get the information across. Actually using NLP from the word go enabled the group to interact and bond in a very short time.  Meic Richards, Firefighter/aspiring trainer & life coach, Wales.

The High Ropes

I experienced new learning with a fantastic bunch of people in beautiful surroundings - with a little bit of manageable fear in the shape of high ropes!  Anchoring has already helped me in the workplace and is something that I will keep on using to keep me positive and centred.  Eleanor Clarke, Business Change Consultant, England

Most enjoyable

The single most enjoyable learning experience of my life. I'd recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more about themselves or others. After the course, I've found it very easy to recognize and relate to clients I'd otherwise write off as difficult customers. Even after a bad interaction I'm able to look back and see where I could have modified my state to achieve a different outcome. (Asif Bhagwandin, SEO/Project Manager)

Fear into fun

The most enjoyable aspect? Without a doubt the high ropes! Turning fear into fun was amazing and something I will NEVER forget and although I hoped I would feel confident enough to complete at least one of the ropes, at one point I didn't think I could as fear took over. However managed to get there by gently stretching my comfort zone and if we had longer, I think I'd have done them all! (Vicky Manser)

Using in my own training

As an independent trainer it was good to see that some techniques I already used were validated and also explained in detail. As a result I have adapted some lessons already into my training. (Steve Clarke)

We all felt comfortable

As a trainer I was really interested in how 20 people would be able to work together for six days. In reality Jon and Reg made it impossible for us not to become close!

The variety of ways in which we experienced NLP ensured that we all felt comfortable in each others company. I started implementing skills after the first 3 days, and that application has grown since. (Charlotte Clarke, Independent Trainer)

Changed how I communicate

It changed the way I communicate with everyone. A challenge I enjoyed. Made some good friends and I am able to understand how different feelings evoke different behaviours.

I find I am able to attain my goals easier, be happier in what I am doing, and am able to deal with difficult situations in a more positive and calm way. (Carina, Youth Worker)

More than a 'course'

This is far more than a 'course'. To me this was a learning experience - the learning never stopped as you are living with the other group members and continue to talk this through with others at night over dinner/drinks.

This for me really helped to allow the learning to sink in and was a vital part. NLP Core Skills was amazing and I can't wait to do the next part.

The learning has helped me in 1-1 coaching/general conversations with others at work and has helped find other/new ways and questions to ask - where at times I would struggle or not ask the right question. It has also been really useful outside work - in helping others find to find their solutions to situations. Each day I think about what I learnt on the course - anything that makes you think and want to do/try things different for me is great - and this helps me in all aspects of my life. (Angela Tickner, Learning & Development Manager)


Brilliant. Just do it! It is a revelation and a profoundly important life skill to acquire. It is still early days having only completed the course a few weeks ago but already I can see an impact in my dealings with colleagues and customers.

Just being 'aware' of NLP concepts is a big step forward and being 'good' at it will become very powerful and useful to me in all parts of my life. (Mike Barton, Product Manager)

Effortless and enjoyable

I experienced a very different way of learning - rather than being told how things 'could' or 'should' or 'might' be I experienced things for myself. It has helped me to see things in different ways and from different perspectives. Although a lot of ground was covered and lots and lots of information given it felt effortless to absorb it and enjoyable too.

I wish school had been the same! It was a great environment and a wonderful learning experience. I have found the course has helped me in every area of my life.

From simple things like communicating slightly differently to my family on the phone and listening to people with better focus, to understanding myself better. The changes are very, very subtle but the difference is dramatic. Above all I would say that Core Skills has shown me that I have far more choices than I previously realised. (Lesley Lyle, Air Stewardess)

It has stayed with me

Great fun and found that much of what I learnt on those few days has stayed with me rather than having been forgotten weeks (so far) later. Better understanding of other people and how they are thinking has improved my communication. (Andrew Lawrie, Social Housing Development)

Really made me think

All the exercises covered during the course, were very useful, and can be performed in everyday situations. The course has really made me think about my behaviour, not only in the work place but in my personal life also. One of the key areas that the Core Skills training has helped me in is to better understand and appreciate behaviour, in myself and my colleagues, and improve my interaction with people. (Ruth Tapscott, Project Manager)

Enjoyable and pragmatic

A thoroughly enjoyable and, more importantly, pragmatic course that allowed me to meet some great people and develop my skills to a greater depth.

I also learnt a lot from the facilitators' style & approach that has inspired me to adapt my own delivery style. I'm a big believer that people learn more when they are having fun and this course was lots of fun! The outdoor exercises really made the course, we never spent too long indoors or even sitting in the same position. 6 days is a long time to be absorbing information and I think the balance was right between information giving and "doing". Well done! (Laura Napier, L&D Business Partner)  (Note: the course no longer has a free day and is now 4 days)

I have stretched out of my comfort zone (Netherlands)

I must admit that even if I was very interested in what NLP could offer me I was a bit concerned about the Pegasus system; living on location and having to get close with people I didn't know.... I wasn't sure if I wanted to go through that after all, i.e. as I learnt later I was afraid to go out of my comfort zone.

But, I have indeed stretched out of my comfort zone and I am really glad I did it. I have learnt a lot and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Great trainers and great participants. Thanks to all of them

I have realised how much time I have wasted behaving and interrelating in a very inefficient way. Wishing I had learnt these skills earlier in my life. And I have to remember to put into practise the new skills, to behave in a more efficient way to get the most of life. (María Rodríguez, European civil servant, Netherlands)

Full of new fresh, dynamic and exciting information

I just went to the course with a open mind. Yes I did have some idea about NLP but it was from books but once I got into the Pegasus workshop and training - the whole course was full of new fresh, dynamic and exciting information.

I learned so much about different stuff not just about myself, but also the way I look at the world so for me the course is worth it weight in gold!!!

The course has really helped me to deal with a few issues in my life and also given me a new outlook in how I do my job and also it made me look at myself in a deeper understanding of who I am and what I can accomplish for me. (Ian Grigg, Chef Manager & Life Coach)

A great opportunity (Netherlands)

A great opportunity to learn more about myself and how to communicate with others. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I continue to use some of the techniques I learnt to better understand what I am experiencing and in communicating with others. (Russell Ward, Innovation Consultant, The Netherlands)

An amazing experience

The course was a truly amazing experience, so much more inspiring than anything I have taken part in before.

The facilitators are brilliant and the hands-on learning was exactly what I needed. The High Ropes session enabled me to discover a person inside me that I didn't know was there! Looking forward to the Practitioner Part 2!

Being able to change the way I react to certain situations has proved invaluable. I feel calm at work and in control (not in a scary manager way but personally in control of myself and the situations I find myself in). I have a much more positive view of the future and of where I would like my career to go, but am conscious of that 10% rule... (Tracey Hardy, Business & Performance Manager (Criminal Justice)

Inclusive and ethical delivery

Excellent way to learn NLP - an absolutely safe (and beautiful) environment in which to learn and practice new skills. I was also impressed with the inclusive and ethical manner in which the course and it's outlook on NLP in general were delivered.

The course helps in two ways. Firstly it gives you a couple of basic methods to become more self-aware and confident in your own abilities. Secondly, you gain new insights into how you can better communicate with others for mutually beneficial outcomes. (Jo Hart, Regional Technical Manager)

A reality check!

Pegasus gives you a reality check. They have discovered a delicate balance between helping you face your foibles, and enabling you to progress and move forward into a brighter future. Previously I wouldn't have bothered with certain people at work. Now I have turned these relationships around and as a result I have less stress at work. (Alison, Marketing)

Great trainers, experience and group

A fantastic course, designed to challenge the senses. Set in a beautiful part of the country. Great trainers, great experience and great group.

For me I have become much more aware of the people, both clients and colleagues, in environment where work. I am more aware of the language that they use and find this a great tool when inducting and setting goals for new members to our club.

I personally have found great benefit in the techniques that we used and it is helping me manage my stress, close my loops and listen to other sides of the story! (Louise O'Connell, Health and Fitness Manager)

Good for the soul

Great sharing/learning environment. The best thing was that I got to spend a week away from all the distractions of life and to take a look at where I have been and what comes next. This was not in a holiday atmosphere but in a structured self development one.

Really, really good for the soul. Slowly but surely making nice strides in the direction I really want to go in both personal and professional life. (Dean Northcott, Photographer)

Fun while learning

I was a little apprehensive at the start and it was really daunting meeting all of these new people. However, 30 minutes in I had nothing to fear and we were all in the same boat. The course was brilliant, varied, never bored, fun while learning. There is no doubt that you will learn something that will change your life, there will be a light bulb moment.

I now don't procrastinate about situations. I know what I want and boy will I have a go at getting it. More confidence in the belief about myself. Not letting the 'what will people think' get in my way. I am so excited about what the future will bring now, bring on those challenges, I love it! (Sharon Turner, Manager - Pharma Company)

Indispensable for life in the 21st century

A real 'learn by doing' experience, in a small enough group to make it a truly memorable experience. Knowledge of NLP Core skills has helped me as a coach, facilitator, a leader, a communicator and a parent/husband.

The skills it gives you for understanding people, building rapport, and being able to communicate with them effectively are, I would say, indispensable for life in the 21st century! (Liam Mifsud, Executive Coach)

It didn't seem like work

I had a blast over the six days I had down at Avon Tyrrell ... Early morning runs around the New Forest, learning a lot of new stuff during the day and going to the pub in the evening… it didn't seem like work at all!

I think that Core Skills has given me the tools to remove some of the obstacles that have been holding me back and put me in charge of where I am going in life. (John Storey, Trader)

I've blogged about it

It has helped me pull some of my development activities together and has generally helped my understanding of myself - and developed an understanding of what, in myself and others, I can change and more importantly what I can't.

My blog on the NLP Core Skills week: (David Gardner, Programme Manager)

Fantastic week

It was a fantastic week in which the setting enabled us to develop and practice our new skills, as well as take the opportunity to reflect on the learnings, and life. I am now considering a career change after 30 yrs in IT and look forward to further clarifying my life goals. (Paul Crerand, Life Coach)

Well thought through

I loved the course, I felt great thought had been put into the running of it even down to a big box of biscuits. It was relaxed, informal and each person's learning abilities appeared to be addressed which added to the relaxed teaching and atmosphere.

There were no expectations of us. For someone like myself who absorbs information slowly that helped a great deal and I didn't feel pressurised at all. (Jen Mcfarlane, EFT Practitioner)


One of the most enjoyable weeks I've ever had. Set in a perfect location, combined with an amazing group of people, it was simply inspiring. (Tom Cowley, Software Engineer)

Down to earth

I absolutely loved every moment of the learning. New ideas on self management that are miles away from the normal americanised psycho babble. Down to earth, no mumbo jumbo, just practical and sensible using skills that are within everybody's grasp. (Lucy, teacher)

Powerful techniques

Exciting; exhilarating! Powerful learning techniques, stretching. Suitable and practical for all occupations, life styles, men and women, young and old. It has given me a whole bag of extra 'tools', that I can use when appropriate. (Sharron Pennack, Child care provider & coach)

I found it very thought provoking and insightful. I have learnt skills which will enable me to have a better understanding of myself and learnt skills which enable me to take control of my state of mind. I now feel like I take responsibility for myself instead of finding external reason to blame for how I am feeling.

It have given me a few more tools which help me understand my colleagues better and how to connect with them on different levels as they all have different beliefs and values. I now can also identify some of these styles far more easily by knowing what to look for. I have learnt that my way isn't always the right way, it's just 'my way', and vice versa. (Ramon, Technical Specialist Coach)

Learnt a lot about myself

It was a fantastic experience. I was initially apprehensive about the high and low ropes exercises as I hadn't done anything similar as an adult and had hated such activities at school, believing I was no good at them. The 'challenge by choice' philosophy helped me overcome any concerns and I really enjoyed the experience and learnt a lot about myself. (Louise Slade, Human Resources Officer)

Never a dull moment

With enthusiasm and happy thoughts - we built up a fantastic team by living and learning together away from our usual environments - and there was never a dull moment, with lots of serious aspects and much mirth!! In my work it has helped immeasurably - as a counsellor I have found a lot more insight and learned a lot more about non verbal communication. (Pauline Agg, Counsellor/Arable Farmer)

It has already impacted on my career

I went on the course with an open mind and was completely "blown away!" Although I had covered many areas before, I had not had the opportunity to experience them. What a difference that made! It has already impacted on my career and my personal life! (Christopher Taft, Development Consultant)

Changed my life

This experience has changed my life. It was part of my desire to have quality 'me-time' but my new ability of being able to identify and relate so much more easily to others in my personal and work lives has benefitted so many more than just 'me'. I have a renewed zest for life, a belief that it is for living not just existing and a clear direction for the future.

Every minute was a thrill and it has not stopped impacting in every part of my life since. It's almost like being reborn.

As a teacher I have a different priority for the children in my care. The children don't know what's hit them and neither does my head-teacher. I am convinced that their levels of achievement will rise because of it. I have been asked to do some staff training and see my continuation into the next course (Practitioner Part 2) as a possible change of direction for me in my career. I am very excited about it. (Linda Dale, Primary Teacher)

It is about experiencing NLP

This core skills course is a really wonderful way of learning about NLP. It is all about experiencing NLP, and the learning comes for free. Working in a small group in a highly interactive and 'playful' way was perfect for me - it gave me such a great experience, and I was able to use NLP to benefit my relationships immediately. I also surprised myself hugely with how far I could stretch myself with the aid of NLP and the support of the staff and fellow participants.

My 'high ropes' day will inspire me through challenges for a very long time. I can't wait to learn more NLP with Pegasus - the journey is easy, fun and highly useful. I can't recommend it highly enough.

I am much more tuned in to the way that people around me like to hear me present my information and ideas. I take time to think more about my listeners, and I have noticed that meetings and interactions with others have become much easier. And on the occasions when it isn't as easy as I had hoped, I am much more in control of my own responses to those situations. Somehow life just seems that bit easier with NLP. (Caron King, Performance Improvement Consultant/Coach)

You're in the hands of professionals

You're in the hands of professionals who have devised a well thought -out course. It's fun, inspiring, enlightening & as challenging as you want it to be. Reg certainly knows his stuff & gently leads you to your own discovery, in your own way.

Whether you want self-development or to use it in therapy, management or training you'll get what you want. The course attracted a variety of types of people which made it more stimulating. Respect is the theme underlying the course along with humour - a winning combination!

I am in the process of changing careers & I've been much more pro-active, decisive & positive since the course. Thank you! (Jo Margolis, teacher/trainer/holistic therapist)

Be your own coach

To be able to use and understand the techniques used in NLP is to be your own personal coach. You will learn by doing and it will stick with you because of the way you relate to it and experience it rather than just take it for gospel.

A real eye opener is the high ropes which provides a safe environment in which to expand and experiment at your own level with no external pressure, which provides a pleasant contrast from everyday life.

Staying in the Lodge is great, by the end of the first day everyone pretty much knows everyone well enough to feel at ease, the first thing that amazed me was how similar we all were even though we were from a wide variety of backgrounds. It was a very surreal experience. We had some great times there and everyone had utmost respect for each other and each others personal space. (Mike Mcleod, Experimenter)

Instant applications in my work

I found the whole event enlightening in many ways. Despite a foundation knowledge of NLP techniques, the Pegasus Team really helped me (and the others) fully immerse myself in the subject and experience changes and insights I had not expected.

There was never a dull moment in the six days and the Pegasus Team were all excellent. Highly recommended to those who really want to find out how to make a difference.

Instantly I had the opportunity to use some of the techniques in Executive Coaching and when running a course on 'Performance Coaching'. In both cases, clients were able to gain access to their 'hidden' resources and were very grateful. In general I have noticed that I am noticing many different things about people and their habits. My own goals have been clarified and well formed. (Richard Tickner, Coach, Trainer and Facilitator)

I got to the top of the telegraph pole - and can prove it!

I was excited but nervous about coming. It was way out of my comfort zone. The experience in the end was brilliant. I was lucky enough to be with a group of fun loving people who all got on really well.

The week was truly memorable. And the fact that I actually got to the top of the telegraph pole and jumped to the trapeze is completely amazing. And I have the photographs to prove it! (Jo Sandeman-Allen, Student counsellor)

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