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Outstanding value

The learning event was... fantastically interactive, I found this approach accelerated my learning way beyond what I could or would have wanted to learning in the time with a many traditional methods of learning.

Reg, you blew away my concept of great training, your ability to capture enthusiasm, fire-up learning, germinate development, and ensure that I enjoyed the course gave me a new standard to measure by.

It is by far the best learning environment I have used, no dull hotel corporate facility with its stale 'I don't really want to be here (unless they open the bar)' atmosphere with 10 month old Mint Imperials and hotel-chain branded pens paper and those nasty damp paper coasters. Avon Tyrrell is beautiful. It made me want to share, learn, experience and develop.

It was great to train with such a diverse group, teachers, businessmen, ex-forces personnel, trainers facilities managers who had come from as far away as Japan. Great course structure and workbook this is how I want to learn and this is how as I trainer I will develop my own courseware.

The pace and structure of the course was superb, no zoning-out time (that hypnotic time in courses where a trainers voice no longer conveys anything that you can understand or are interested. The most important thing on you mind being 'Is there coffee soon and will all of the Chocolate Hobnobs have gone!')   As for costs - outstanding value for money training.  Oliver Rodway, Trainer

Simply fantastic

Thank you for the links to the ropes' course photo's - I can't believe I did all that now - what an experience! Coming on the core skills training represented a significant personal investment for me both financially and in time.

I was unsure what the benefits would be over a good NLP book and even considered cancelling at one point... I am so glad I didn't. The course was simply fantastic. Your down-to-earth approach combined with clear, rational explanations really struck a chord with me and I can honestly say it has been a life changing experience.

It's still early days, but I already find myself looking at things in a new way and am taking myself less seriously. I want to apply what I have learned and am even considering training to be a counsellor - (trust me, if you knew me better you would be astounded by that!) (Bruce)

Still using the techniques every day

I found the course to be excellent, even beyond my expectations. I left the course feeling like I could take on the world and remain unscathed!

The practical exercises really helped to learn, understand and further practise the techniques. The high ropes courses were excellent too and helped me towards overcoming my fear of heights (or so I thought I had a fear of heights!). It was a pleasure to be with such like-minded people and I felt our group really bonded together.

Reg, the teacher, provided a truly wonderful course and I plan to do my practitioner course later in the year. Two months after the course, I am still using the techniques on a daily basis and they are now naturally part of my daily life. I am so pleased I chose to do the course with Pegasus. (Jayne Redpath, Assistant Faculty Manager, Brunel University)

Life Changing

This was a totally fantastic, awe-inspiring, life changing course. I've wholeheartedly recommended it to several people I think would benefit. (S Powell, GP)


It was an unforgettable experience for so many reasons, the people, the location, the weather and last but not least the subject matter which was fascinating and taught in a really relaxed and enjoyable way.

My only worry during the course was that I had better stop enjoying myself and start learning.

Having returned from the course I've realised just how much was packed in without us even noticing we were working hard. (Tina, Systems Analyst)

Answers to private puzzles from Saudi

I came to the core skills course expecting to gain " book knowledge" about communication skills, I was wrong. I discovered a whole new paradigm of "user friendly" knowledge on various ways that people think, work things out and communicate.

More importantly, I have learnt to value my own unique way of interpreting the world and discovered  how to look for ideal methods for getting on with people who are different to my way of thinking.

I also discovered answers to private puzzles about people in the corporate climate that have caused me misery in the past. I look forward to more NLP learning skills in the future. (Shiri Gill - Hospital manager, Saudi Arabia)

A real inspiration

I found this course to be a real inspiration, both on a personal and professional level. I was delighted to meet such a great group of people to work and learn with, and the practical exercises we did brought the material alive in a way learning theory can never do.

Having the opportunity to get away from daily life and spend some time in the New Forest was also a real delight. The success of any course like this is largely down to the integrity of the trainer, and Reg created an atmosphere where we all felt comfortable to learn, explore and stretch ourselves. (Jenny Nabben, Corporate Communications Manager)

Thanks from Sweden

This training was perfect for me. I learned practical methods to make changes in my life and Reg´s learning style made it easy and nice to be there and I will for sure use those methods in my life. Thank you. (Rolf Edgren, Sweden)

Rewarding trip from India

I was initially apprehensive about the course as this was the first one I was taking part in outside India. I had heard of racism etc. But everyone of the participants were not only cordial but created such a warm atmosphere that I felt totally at home. This helped me to absorb much more during the program.

Another aspect was the quite open and personal discussions that happened offline. These were quite a revelation.

About the course itself, there is structure yet a flexibility that gives adequate scope for discussions to put the information in the right perspective. This helps us to become informed but knowledgeable by giving practical inputs.

I would not only recommend it for those who work with other people's behaviour but also for those who want to develop themselves. (Sathya, Trainer, Chennai (Madras), India)

Team work

I liked the idea of the small groups policy. I knew that I would enjoy working in small group much more than the mass inductions of some other organisations. I liked the prospect of working in the New Forest.

For me the opportunity to work outside some of the time was very important. I tend to seize up if stuck inside and it was a joy to not be cooped up. I gained some very relevant insights while doing both low and high ropes. Working as a team is a very important part of my work, however I am used to working with people who have been trained to react and operate in a way specific to the values and operational requirements of my organisation.

It was challenging and enlightening to work as a team with people who were all very different. I have been on various development courses at work and usually only find about 20-30% useful, by contrast over 90% of this workshop was both relevant and useful.

Reg's laid back manner and easy delivery style initially had me questioning how much structure there was to the course, however in the latter part of the week all the elements came together and it was clear an immense amount of experience and thought had gone into the course.

I met some great people and had fun and a laugh while learning. A month after the course I am aware of changes. I am more relaxed about things that used to annoy me, I now have tools to change how I react. I am more tolerant and I have more tools at disposal which allow me to more open in my interaction with people. I look at life more positively. (Stuart Whitmore, Sub Officer. London Fire Brigade)

About doing and understanding

Put the NLP textbooks aside for a while. In fact don’t read them before the course. This was all about doing and experiencing as a way of learning.

To have at least 3 ‘wow’ moments in a few days made me feel NLP.I feel batter and richer for my first encounter with Reg’s Core Skills course – the warmth is amazing. (Gordon Jamieson – Facilitator)

NLP in practical terms

I found this to be a brilliant course, which I will use in all aspects of my life. Reg always put NLP into practical terms and I came away with the feeling of truly learning a whole new range of skills. (Debbie Goodridge, Learning & Development Consultant)

Tremendous focus on the practical application of NLP

The activities of the workshop linked together extremely well, so by the end a comprehensive picture had been formed of the scope of NLP and some detail on the various elements. The connections between elements also started to form. However, the practical application of the techniques was particularly useful.

I thoroughly enjoyed the days, and I was extremely motivated to get as much out of the course as possible. The learning process was carried out in a very positive environment with tremendous support and empathy from the other course participants - with excellent facilitation.

I particularly liked: applying the techniques practically during the exercises, condensed theory, appropriate time for practice, sufficient debrief, strong facilitation which kept the group on track and allowed us to cover off a lot of material.

High Ropes and Low Ropes added a tremendous amount of value - provided a different perspective and a chance to consider things from other angles. Intelligent and well-thought out contributions from the other participants. The environment was excellent - relaxing and refreshing.

Allows you to make the step from theory into action in a massive way. You can be up and running immediately as the course has a tremendous focus on the practical application of NLP techniques. An extremely positive experience - a tremendous location, supportive environment and great facilitation ensures you learn the theory and practical application of NLP. Allows you to gain the maximum benefit from the time you invest. Covers all the essentials with a strong blend of theory and practice. (Chris, Corporate CEO)

Relevant to life

I found the NLP Core Skills course easy to understand and follow – and  the principles easy to adopt and fun to participate in. The best aspect is it’s relevance to life – you’ll be happier and find communication much easier after it. I’ll be treating my 16 and 22 year olds to this life changing experience. (Paula May Grossett – Management Development Consultant)

An energised view of the future

I left the course happy and with a positive and energised view of the future. You will not regret coming on this course and will see the world in a new, brighter light! (Wallace Campbell – Police Officer)

It will help me improve my communication at work

For me this was an experience more a course as it taught me many useful and beneficial lessons that will help me improve my communication at work and at home. I thoroughly recommend that you experience the NLP Way with ‘slow-burn’ Reg – the course will affect you and enhance you as a person long afterwards. (Richard Bloomfield – Operations Manager)

Useful and relevant

I was intrigued by Reg's subtle teaching methods, but found everything we did so very useful and relevant.  My first days back at work have been great, lessons have been more effective and I look at everyone with more curiosity and wonder.

I am now seeking ways to add more regular adventure into my life.  A wonderful experience of self improvement and understanding.  Can't wait to do the next course. (Carol Woodrow – Teacher)

Life changing

The experience was powerful & uplifting, the model & exercises will be immediately implemented. The start of a life changing experience! (Mike Storrar - NAAFI Area Manager)

My best experience with people ever (Germany)

My best experience with people ever. The open and tolerant atmosphere gave me a feeling of what could be done in a world with only such people. (Gerhard Lehmann – Berlin, Germany)

Profound insights

I think my expectation of what the course would be about was different to what it really was about.  It was far more personal an experience than I expected and far more challenging, however, I had profound insights into my functioning as a person.

I saw very clearly the way in which I limit myself as well as being able to acknowledge how far I have come. I looked forward to the second half of the training and couldn’t wait to get back.  That is a definite first for me! (J.H., Psychologist)

Fun and adventure

Most useful were the Personality Map for understanding others motives, values and my own, the power of voice, tonality, body language and eye accessing that I can now notice in others, realising that you can’t assume what others are thinking.

All of the interaction in groups and pairs are memorable and were active learning experiences. The pub evenings and chilling out in the lodge was great and a continuation of our informal learning.

… I enjoyed the whole experience from start to finish.  The informal learning environment, the varied interaction with others, the sense of fun and adventure….especially with the Ropes (!) all combined to make it a very memorable and sometimes cathartic experience which I frequently think about and recreate in my mind at relevant moments.  (The image that often comes to mind is of Damian imitating a chicken clucking round the lodge!) (Helen Tanner)

A rare treat

A rare treat for my mind to be exercised and stretched in different directions from the norm.  (P Helsey, Director)

Useful applications on my first day back at work

This is the first course I have ever been on where I find myself using the skills I have learnt on the first day after returning to work almost without thinking about it, and see an immediate positive effect on what I can do for my clients. The course is tremendously enjoyable, very well delivered and well worth the time and money. I will be recommending this course to my colleagues.

The elements that I have found immediately useful (in that I have found useful applications for them on my first day back at work) are (1) The 4-mat – which enabled me to spot how to improve a document I was writing very quickly (2) different perspectives – which enabled me to go back to a person that I had talked to earlier on and have a much more useful conversation with them about half an hour later (3) the eye accessing cues – which have not had immediate tangible benefit, but have made me realise how other people in the team are thinking. (T Maude)

The learning continues afterwards

I found a lot of the informal aspects the most enjoyable e.g. lunchtimes. The group was very supportive as the week went on and this made everything enjoyable although I have to say the ropes courses were the high points because it was so different to anything I had done before.

…The course is changing my attitude to work, enabling to build more rapport with others and be more successful. Personally, my attitude to life has been affected and the great thing about Core Skills is that the learning doesn’t stop at the end of the week, all the time you find opportunities to put theories into practice, test your development and celebrate new successes. (D Prescott, Accountant)

Not another 'sheep dip'

I found the whole week an exceptional learning experience, which is growing, as I try out different approaches in my work home and personal contexts...

…I have experienced NLP with other trainers and this was the first course that made it real, understandable and applicable. I left with greater inner self-confidence and skills that continue to grow beyond the course. It is a far cry from old-fashioned “sheep dip” training. Thank you Reg for a truly special week. I will be back. (Caroline White, Director/Coach)

Great setting

It was the environment that did it for me, the exercises are so much more meaningful somehow when you’re in such a beautiful place, together with Reg’s mix of relaxed approach, humour and challenge.

The ropes are one of the best learning activities I have had. I enjoyed every moment of the two weekends and it was an experience I didn’t want to let go of. I loved being in the forest, doing the exercises outside, being away from a ‘normal’ environment, the "talk about it – do it" sequence of activity, the bits relating to implementing NLP when working with/teaching groups. (A. Graham - Corporate Trainer)

NLP techniques are powerful

I’d just encourage everyone to go in with an open mind, some of the techniques will work better for some than others but there really is something for everyone here and it’s great fun seeing how you react in situations and how differently we can all perceive situations.

Don’t be put off by the ropes/outdoor activities, you only go as far as you want to and it’s such a wonderful setting, it’s so much better than being stuck in a hotel or conference room.  Reg is the most flexible facilitator I’ve seen and living proof that NLP techniques are powerful when regularly practiced. (Chris White)

Especially useful for presentations/trainings

What I found useful: Realising the necessity to look at problems from others’ perspectives – especially useful in presentations / training - otherwise we’re preaching at people not communicating with them. Makes me think before I communicate and during communication, e.g., “what am I trying to communicate” and “what am I actually communicating”.

I am aware of the communication process when I’m in a training session and modify my approach as I process the feedback – not always consciously maybe – but I consciously use the third perspective to get a different viewpoint. (P Feely - Health & Safety Consultant/Trainer)

I liked the unexpected

I liked the outdoor activities being then applied to some part of NLP, always having the unexpected happen, refreshing way in that it was taught, and covering quite a large number of topics which give you a good idea of the whole of NLP. (K Boley)

Wonderful surroundings - great people

If you want to spend some days in wonderful surroundings with great people then I can think of no better way than to combine that with the Core Skills course. I learnt so much consciously, and more unconsciously that is still to be discovered.

We had  fun and explored lots of things, some in more depth than others depending upon what the group wanted. I personally, gained a tremendous amount from the physical challenges of the high ropes course. I can honestly look back and say that, even though I started the morning nervous of heights,  I enjoyed it. But that is what this is all about; facing what you are and what you do and seeing if you can do it differently and get an even better outcome.. (Office Manager)

Stretched and empowered!

I feel as if I have been subtly stretched, challenged and empowered, by a caring facilitator, in a pleasant environment - and it was fun, too! (Health Centre Manager)

Personal Development

I found the personal development portions of the workshop most useful, the “future me” vision and the swish pattern.

The process of identifying the feelings of an associated Vs disassociated state and subsequently remembering good things in an associated way was also very useful as were the sections on using and developing rapport and logical levels very useful. (Carl Tuffin)

Hearts and minds!

At last I understand what is truly meant by involving 'hearts and minds! Thanks you - truly and enjoyable experience. (IT Consultant )

Stunningly effective and simple

Stunningly effective and simple. I feel as if I had learned twice as much as on any conventional course.

Takes your view of yourself, life, and those around you to a higher level of understanding. (Corporate Trainer)

I spent the days enthralled

"I spent the days enthralled, having entered the deep end of Reg Connolly's NLP Core Skills workshop. From the beginning to the end - and beyond - Reg's talented facilitation of the group allowed each and every participant to explore the ever-increasing galaxy of personal potential.

I feel as though I have just returned from a highly successful shopping trip where my purchases 'do go with' all else that I have in my life and, more than that, improve it."  (Eileen, Independent Educational Consultant)

Really useful tools for daily life

The reason I originally chose Pegasus' NLP training was to gain additional skills and techniques for use in business.

I came away not only with these, but also something much more valuable - really useful tools for daily life.

I also found that the way Pegasus uses challenging yet achievable outdoor activities gives a unique richness to the learning experience - and made it great fun, too." (Ralph, Management Consultant)

A blend of practical, theory and lots of humour!

"I found the experience extremely positive and uplifting. The atmosphere created is relaxed and conducive to learning, with a blend of practical, theory and lots of humour! I was surprised how much we managed to cover in the time we had, and how much of it seemed to simply slip into my unconscious without too much effort.

The outdoor activities helped to reinforce this and provided an excellent foil for the classroom sessions. I look forward to Part II."  (Gary, Training Consultant)

I felt challenged

I heard of NLP training from a colleague and I was not sure that I could benefit by attending one.

I decided to join the introduction course over 2 weekends. I did not have any ideas about the course and I started the course with an open mind.

The course was a source of many discoveries, about myself but also and especially about others. I was introduced to NLP techniques, which I can now apply at many levels, personal and professional.

The course opened my eyes on how I can improve myself and the work I do, to ensure even better results. I would recommend this course to anyone who likes to challenge himself and learn different ways to complete goals and objectives.

The training method was also appropriate with a mixture of outdoors and indoor exercises to ensure a constant involvement. With the variety of activities, I felt challenged mentally and physically and enjoyed it so much that I am looking now to join the next practitioner course."  (Christophe, Management Trainer)

A reflective view from Oman

"I attended the NLP Core Skills course in April /May ’01. It was held in a very beautiful location The New Forest area. I think the location was very conducive to creating a care- free learning experience.

It was nice to observe nature and practice some of the NLP exercises in an environmentally friendly atmosphere. I think it made some of the exercises more relevant and easier to do

For me some of the things that I have taken away from the course are as follows:

I am beginning to be less judgmental about people. The course having made me realize that different people have different maps of the world. This became evident on the first day of the course and it happened for me on the Walk around the Lake. Actually it was the Feed-Back session that made me realize it. And it was continually reinforced through out the course, especially through the “perceptual positions” activities.

Learning about our Comfort Zone was a major insight for me. I found it fascinating and immediately applicable to my life and to others’ as well. It made me realize the importance of not stagnating and of setting ourselves new challenges and targets and keeping ourselves focused. I can see that this has applications in the areas of Well-Defined Outcomes. I will certainly apply this in my life!!!

Team work: I found this very interesting and challenging and I learned a lot about myself from the team activities. I learned how important it is to “not opt out” and how others may mis-interpret your behaviour. The importance of encouraging the whole team and second and third positioning in a team situation.

And of course the all important “feed-back” sessions were invaluable as opportunities for further analysis and learning.

I particularly enjoyed the Low Ropes and High Ropes, it was fun and exciting and the High Ropes activities made me realize that I may not be challenging myself enough in life, It also made me realize that it is important to support and respect other people’s limits or their perceived limits.

Every area that we covered was interesting in itself and I know my life will be richer and fuller as a result of this brief encounter with NLP.

It was also tremendous fun with a very nice group of people and for me it was a nice way to spend part of my holiday I also felt it was extremely well run with a very high degree of professionalism and commitment. I look forward to the opportunity to do further courses with Pegasus in the future." (Michael Conway - Teacher, Oman)


"The course has given me a brief instruction card to face life and its problems with confidence with a positive frame of mind.

This enables me to build up better relationships with people by understanding them, ask relevant questions and work towards win-win situations.

It has also helped to diminish unpleasant memories which tends to hold me back and most importantly to improve my communication skills."  (Hem - Scientist)

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With our NLP Core Skills course you have a two-day money-back guarantee.

If you are not convinced that the course will benefit you just let us know any time up to the end of the second day and we will refund your course fee – plus accommodation fee if you’ve stayed on site.

And we will do this promptly, in full, and without question.