NLP Core Skills: benefits of attending the course

Enjoy a long weekend of NLP - in the New Forest

NLP Core Skills - Sat-Tues - next course to be announced 

‘What will I get from taking part?’

We’re often asked this. And it’s a difficult question to answer because each person will take different things from the course.

You will get about 30 very practical techniques and insights from NLP Core Skills – but what will these enable you to do?

The following are the more usual results people remark upon at the end of the course and afterwards.  (You can read some of their comments here, too).

(1) Communicate with greater skill

  • Improve how you communicate with people at home, socially and at work.
  • Discover what makes people tick – and what makes you tick.
  • Recognise and respond to non-verbal communication.
  • Use the course techniques to improve your ability to ethically influence people

(2) Feel more in charge of you

  • Learn skills to maintain a positive mental attitude
  • Feel more in charge of your thoughts and moods by recognising how thinking creates feelings
  • Learn why negative moods can occur instantly because of anchors work – and how you can deal with these
  • Recognise the ways in which we each tend to support or undermine our self confidence or self esteem
  • Develop skills for dealing with difficult people and situations.
  • Learn how to create goals that are motivating and workable

(3) Stretch yourself

  • Learn how to develop your potential by moving outside your Comfort Zone more frequently
  • Perhaps have a go at the exciting High Ropes course.
  • Spend four days with a group of highly motivated people who have also come along to develop their potential.

(4) Training course? Holiday in the country? 

Traditionally NLP courses have involved sitting in neon-lit hotel rooms, passively listening to an ‘expert’, and trying to stay awake in the after-lunch drowsy spell.

This may be fine for a short workshop lasting a day or two. But it’s tough to do it for longer.

Happily, we recognise this learning by ordeal model - and have been through it ourselves - and design our courses to be refreshingly different:

  • On NLP Core Skills you get a great training programme plus a break in countryside in which you’re breathing refreshing New Forest air.
  • You’re learning NLP away from it all. You’re in a 66 acre estate of wooded grounds with birdsong, woodland and lakeside walks and maybe an evening meal by the sea – the ideal place for switching off and giving your full attention to learning great NLP skills!
  • You’re in large Norwegian-style wooden Lodge with doors opening onto a veranda.  This is great for the practical break-out sessions – though the training sessions can be distracted by the antics of squirrels or birds just outside the training room. And, occasionally, by groups of wild deer silently passing on their way to the larger of the lakes - 15 minutes walk away.
  • And you can even stay on site. If you like the idea of waking up to the sounds of the forest you can stay Lodge. Accommodation is self-catering and sharing a twin room. Those staying at the lodge usually form a food kitty and share shopping and cooking. Staying on-site with others from your learning team can be great fun and many report that it makes for a wonderful ‘immersion’ in NLP.
  • And if you would prefer more conventional accommodation we can provide a list of local hotels and guesthouses some of which are about 10 minutes drive of the centre so you can pop into the Lodge for an evening chat after your evening meal – or you can share on the food kitty and have your meals in the Lodge.

(5) A refreshingly different way to learn

Throughout the course we ensure you are actively involved in the learning.  Because real NLP requires behavioural skill – it’s not about listening and taking notes – it’s about doing and discussing and experimenting with the methods.

So it’s more of a ‘learning experience’ rather than a typical course:

Indoors and outdoors

  • You’re actively learning right from the start!  Much of your first hour on NLP Core Skills is spent, in small groups, ambling about the 66 acre estate where we hold the course. It’s a chance to get to know the area with its woods, ponds, lakes and have a first look at the High and Low Ropes courses – and, of course, getting to know the others on your course.
  • And, as you’ll discover towards the end of the walk, this gentle walk also integrates your first few lessons in ‘real world NLP’ i.e. the kind of NLP that relates to everyday life!  It’s because of little experiences like this that people afterwards remark that time at our trainings passes so quickly.
  • Throughout the course, and usually about once every hour, you’ll have a practical breakout session in which you explore a topic with one or two colleagues – and these can be done indoors or outside among the pines.  It’s one of the why our Pegasus NLP courses are special.
  • And then we have the two Ropes Course sessions – the Low Ropes on the first day and the High Ropes toward the end of the course.

Team learning

  • You’re part of an informal learning team of around 10-16 people rather than an audience of 100s. See our small learning teams policy
  • We have a core principle: None of us is as smart as all of us. This means nobody’s opinion is more important or truer than anyone else’s.  So, as trainers, we actively encourage you to challenge everything we present – and to ensure that you find practical applications for everything in the course!
  • We all, both learning team and trainers, eat together and chat together as equals.
  • You have access to each day’s trainer - because we believe that real skill in NLP requires personalised and hands-on coaching and feedback from a Certified NLP Trainer, something that is not possible when you are part of an ‘audience’.