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Frequently asked questions

These are the most frequently asked questions about the Pegasus NLP Core Skills training workshop in the New Forest in Hampshire.

How to get to the course

Where is the course held?

We hold the courses in a beautiful 66 acre country estate on the western edge of the New Forest in Hampshire.  It’s about 30 minutes drive from Southampton or from Bournemouth.  And about two hours drive from London, Oxford, Bristol or Exeter.

Can I car share, taxi share or get a lift?

Yes, each course has its own dedicated mini website which opens a few weeks in advance of the course.  You can use this to contact others who will be attending and make/synchronise travel arrangements.  The website will also contain more detailed and more current travel information?

Can I stay the night before/after the course?

No, this is not possible.  However it may be possible, using the course mini website, for people arriving the previous evening to link up with each other and, perhaps, have a meal together on the Friday evening.

Can I arrive early?

The course begins on Saturday morning at 10:30 AM and doors open from about 9:45 AM.  If you arrive early simply park your car at the Lodge (details will be in the course joining email) and go for a relaxing walk around the site.

What if I arrive late?

Almost every course has late arrivals.  If you get delayed and are going to be a few minutes late just telephone us and we may be able to delay the start of the course.  If you get lost (quite common occurrence in this part of the New Forest!) telephone us and we will "talk you in".

Can I miss part of the course?

Obviously it's not ideal not to miss any part of the course - yet sometimes unavoidable commitments get in the way.  That's fine. We're very flexible here at Pegasus NLP - after all, flexibility is a key element in real NLP.  If you are going to miss some of the course just let us know in advance so we can discuss this with you.  If it's just going to be a few hours we can arrange for a couple of your colleagues to bring you up to speed on your return. And if it's longer than a few hours we'll be happy to arrange for you to pop in and pick up the missing day or days on another course.

low ropes initial session

Who attends NLP Core Skills?

Can I do it just for me – rather than for my work?

Yes, of course.  In fact even those people who come along specifically to learn skills to use the in their work in their business invariably find that the course have a very strong and valuable personal development stream running through it.

Will there be lots of groups of people from one company?

Everyone who attends the course remarks on how valuable it is to share the learning and the practical experiences with people from many different walks of life and from many different backgrounds.  For this reason we recommend that no more than two people from the same company attend the same course so that there is less likelihood of their forming a clique and so they are open to lots of fresh and different experiences.

Can I attend with my partner?

Yes, many participants do this.  This is particularly valuable after the course when you will be able to coach each other. It also offers the opportunity to share a very pleasant five-day break in the New Forest.

What is the average age attending the course?

This is very difficult to assess as we don't ask people their age.  On average, and very roughly, the mean age range would probably be early 20s to late 40s.  Minimum age is 18 and we've had some people who could well have been in their 70's or even better...

Am I too old/young?

If you're under 18 then you are too young, unfortunately.  If you're over 90 and physically mobile then you are still young enough to benefit from the course.

If I don’t stay over can I still socialise with the group?

Yes, many participants who opt to stay in local guesthouses do this - making the group when they have an off site evening meal, meetings and drink, or coming up to the Lodge to join in a meal or barbecue.

What if I don’t like the course, what can I do?

We offer an amazing guarantee. You can attend all day Saturday and all day Sunday and, if you find the course is not benefiting you, let us know by the end of the Sunday training session and we will arrange a full refund!  This is a straightforward no quibble guarantee.

What’s to stop people take advantage of your money-back guarantee?

The quality of the course experience!  Once participants recognise the value and the practical applications of what they are learning they are hooked. Simple as that. And, yes, we have made refunds – to less than .3% of participants since 1999.

I’m worried I won’t mix well with the group?

This is an understandable and very common concern. Read through ‘what people have said’ about their advance concerns

However, it's a concern that is usually allayed within hours of joining the course because of the the Pegasus NLP "team learning" approach and because of how we structure the first day. And, remember, not only will many people have a similar concern but everyone attending is doing so for their personal and professional development - so everyone shares these common objectives.

What about staying in the course Lodge?

Can I have a single room?

Sorry, because of the limited accommodation in the Lodge we do not have single accommodation available.

Do you do mixed-sex rooms?

No, we always allocate shared accommodation on a same-sex basis - apart from couples attending together who seek to share.

Can I go for a run/bike ride?

You will be staying in one of the most peaceful and beautiful parts of the South of England and we recommend that you make the time, before and/or after the course sessions, to enjoy the countryside.  Many people find that an early morning walk, run, or bike ride through the trees or over the heathland sets them up ideally for a day's learning.  You can hire bikes at the site.

Should I bring my camera?

Definitely!  And especially if you are staying on-site - early morning and late evening provide many, many great opportunities for scenic shots all year round - such as the deer silently slipping by the Lodge on their way to the main lake - usually, but never reliably, at dawn or dusk .

What about meals?

How does self catering work?

At the end of the training session on the Saturday the house team (i.e. those who are staying in the Lodge) holds a meeting to decide what to buy for the next day or two. they then form the food kitty and decide which of the team will head off to Sainsburys to do the shopping!

They also discuss which meals will appeal to the group, who is vegetarian and who has special dietary needs, whether to have a barbecue (wonderful half barrel barbecues are available - just let reception know and one will be delivered to the Lodge), how often do "eat in" and how often to quite together for a pub meal, etc.  Sharing the planning, shopping, preparing and cooking, and eating together is a great part of the "on-site" experience.

Do I need to bring my own food?

No, not unless you have special dietary needs (see below) as the Saturday evening shopping expedition(!) will cover all needs.

I have specific dietary requirements, will this be an issue?

No, not at all.  And it's perfectly fine if you wish to bring along your special foods.  All groups find it easy to work with different dietary requirements.


Is it a problem if I know nothing about NLP – except what I’ve been told by a friend?

This can actually be an advantage!  Coming along with an open mind and a willingness to explore and experiment -- and make your own choices about what is right for you - is a great way to learn NLP.

It also means that you begin your learning in a very hands-on, rather than intellectual, way - which is ideally suited to learning NLP. Throughout the course, for example, that people first experience each topic and only afterwards refer to the comprehensive course manual to further their understanding.

I’ve attended other NLP workshops - will this clash with my NLP Core Skills learning?

Not at all - it will offer you a wonderful opportunity to compare, what is likely to be, to quite different approaches to NLP. And, remember, as you will be part of a small group you will have opportunities to chat with the course trainers about how you find the two approaches are similar and are different.

Do I need to do any revision beforehand?

No, definitely not.  Come along with a fairly open mind and a preparedness to explore and experiment and discuss – that’s a great start.

Will I be able to ask questions?

Yes, and we encourage people to do so!  We, as Pegasus NLP trainers, love questions - the more challenging the better!  And, yes, that's our challenge to you, too...

We encourage people to question what we say – and to challenge everything - on the basis that, if NLP is as good as we claim it to be, then it should able to stand up to really sound critical thinking and challenging - and also because we love working with intelligent and critical groups since this keeps us on our toes!

Obviously, this approach runs the risk of every session being so full of challenging questions that the course timetable could seriously overrun.  However, as we specialise in small groups of 10-16 people, there will always be access to, and time to ask questions of, the course Trainer during coffee breaks and mealtimes.

Do I have to take part in the High Ropes course session?

Everything that we do on NLP Core Skills is based on the challenge by choice principle. this means that you choose what you do and the manner in which you do it - and everyone respects your choice. For example, if for any reason you choose to not physically take part in either the Low or the High Ropes course that is your choice - and you make this choice without having to explain or justify it.

On most courses at least one person will make such a choice and the course facilitator will privately explain how they can use their choice as a valuable opportunity to put their new NLP skills into practice.

Do I get a certificate?

No, we do not issue certificates at the end of NLP Core Skills - because this is Module 1 of our NLP Practitioner Programme.  Nevertheless are happy to provide you with a letter confirming that they have participated in the course.

We do issue the NLP Practitioner Certification certificate to those who, by the end of the NLP Practitioner Certification Part 2, have demonstrated an appropriate level of skill and ability to walk the talk of the NLP Attitude.

Can I meet a facilitator before I attend a course?

We do get occasional requests from people who would like to pop in and see a course in action. And we have to refuse these requests for the very important reason that, on a course, each Pegasus Trainer makes a point of being fully available to the participants throughout the day (for reasons mentioned above).

So, yes, it might be good for our own marketing if we devoted time to showing visitors around, introducing them to participants and encouraging them to sign up for a course. But we would not be giving our full attention to the course participants nor would this approach be respectful to our participants.

Other practicalities

What do I need to wear?

We recommend very casual clothing.  We are in the countryside with very little tarmac or concrete paths to walk upon.  So, when it's wet, it's a good idea to have stout shoes or boots or trainers.

For safety reasons we recommend avoiding open-toed shoes or sandals for the Low and High Ropes course sessions.

We always hope for wonderfully sunny and dry weather but it's a good idea to bring rainwear.  And be sure to bring along clothing that is appropriate to the time of year.

What if I need to take part in a tele conference during the course?

This often happens. And, despite being in the depths of the New Forest, we have a quite fast WiFi connection. If it's just going to be a few hours we can arrange for two of your colleagues to bring you up to speed on your return.'

You can download the Course Brochure as a PDF here

'A fantastic experience in a beautiful setting with trainers who are enthusiastic without being overbearing. Skills were gained almost without realising it and plenty of opportunity to practice without feeling pressured in any way. A superb course with two excellent trainers using skills that immediately put delegates at ease.' Meic Richards, Firefighter, aspiring trainer & life coach, Wales.'

I experienced new learning with a fantastic bunch of people in beautiful surroundings - with a little bit of manageable fear in the shape of high ropes!  Anchoring has already helped me in the workplace and is something that I will keep on using to keep me positive and centred.  Eleanor Clarke, Business Change Consultant, England'

It was all very beneficial. A big step up in terms of other PDP courses I have attended. Great experience. It has provided me with interesting ideas on how other people may perceive the world. This is an area I am exploring more.'  (Gary Prior, Lean Manufacturing Consultant, England)

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With our NLP Core Skills course you have a two-day money-back guarantee.

If you are not convinced that the course will benefit you just let us know any time up to the end of the second day and we will refund your course fee – plus accommodation fee if you’ve stayed on site.

And we will do this promptly, in full, and without question.