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We will then keep the place for you for a week or two while you make arrangements to attend.  We'll also email the course Registration Form so you can confirm your place when you're ready.  (By the way, if you decide not to take part there is no need to contact us - we will simply re-allocate the place after a few weeks).

Why reserve your place?

To ensure you have a high quality of training experience we restrict numbers to a maximum of 16 people per course. This ensures that you have the time and space to get to know everyone else and to discuss things with, and get feedback from, the course facilitators.

Please provisionally reserve a place for me on the selected NLP Core Skills:

Easter 2020: 11-14 April 2020 (Saturday-Tuesday) - course cancelled due to epidemic

July 2020: JULY 2020 (Saturday-Tuesday) - course cancelled due to epidemic

October 2020: 24-27 October 2020 (Saturday-Tuesday) - these dates are now provisional

Easter 2021: 3-6 March 2020 (Saturday-Tuesday)

(This 4-day course begins on Saturday at 10.30 am and ends on Tuesday at 5 pm)


(So we can provisionally reserve a place for you while you decide)

I would like to provisionally reserve shared, self-catering accommodationI would like a list of local guesthousesI will be making my own accommodation/travel arrangements

If you are thinking of later participating in NLP Practitioner Part 2

We'll provisionally hold a place for you on the NLP Practitioner Part 2 programme in the New Forest. Just tick the date which best suits you. Once again, this is a provisional booking and is not a commitment - it enables us to let you have advance notice if the course looks like booking up so you then have the option of confirming or releasing the provisional place.

Autumn 2020 - Week 1: 10-15 October 2020Autumn 2020 - Week 2: 14-19 November 2020

Autumn 2021 - Week 1: 11-16 September 2021Autumn 2021 - Week 2: 23-28 October 2021

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