NLP Core Skills details

Our programme of live courses will resume as soon as this is possible 

This programme has been postponed due to the unpredictable ebb and flow of the pandemic.  Like a lot of people we have now put aside our wishes, guesses, estimates and crystal balls - and we are now waiting to see how the battle between the Covid variants and the UK vaccination programmes settles down.  It's quite likely that we will have a reasonable idea of when live training can safely resume by summer 2022.

NLP Core Skills: a different NLP course

This is our entry level immersion in in-depth NLP.

It is also the original NLP Core Skills workshop which we began running over 20 years ago in October 1999 in the New Forest.

And it is also Part 1 of our full-length, full-syllabus NLP Practitioner Certification Programme.

At the end of this 4-day course you will have a tool-kit of very practical techniques which you can use right away to improve:

  • Your personal and working relationships
  • How you think, feel, and respond to situations

On NLP Core Skills you are not attending a light-weight NLP 'introductory' course. You are taking part in a fast-paced and very thorough experience of NLP skills, insights, and self-discovery - in a wonderful location in the New Forest National Park.

Creating the 'human know' on the Low Ropes on NLP Core Skills

NLP Core Skills - in a nutshell

In a nutshell

  • 4 full days of NLP
  • Held three to four times a year in the New Forest National Park
  • Training fee £594. Accommodation for the 4 days £120. These fees include VAT
  • Full money-back guarantee. You have two days to decide if the course is right for you - and if you're not convinced your fee is refunded in full.
  • Learn over 30 NLP tips, techniques and insights
  • You learn through doing, discussion and discovery - rather than sitting and listening
  • Attendance limited to 16 people
  • On-site accommodation for those who want a full personal development immersion and a nice break in the New Forest.

And after the course...

We don't forget about you: you can continue your NLP learning and development with our free after course support:

  • Email Quick Tips series: a practical NLP Core Skills quick tip every other day for 8 weeks - 10 minutes a day to wire in what you have learned
  • Questions: Email us your questions about what you have learned - even years later - and get a reply right away
  • Monthly in-house newsletter of tips and techniques for everyone who has taken part in the course.

Course Practical Details

Course dates

Dates will be announced as soon as pandemic precautions allow for live group learning.

We expect live training course to begin in autumn 2022.

Course times:

4 days - from 10.30 AM Saturday to 5.00 PM Tuesday.

What you will learn:

The course syllabus is here

Who can take part

Open to everyone over 18 years

How to take part?

Make a provisional reservation

This will secure your place without commitment. We will then contact you when dates have been arranged.

Course Brochure

You can download our course brochure in PDF format here

Group size:

12-16 people


£495 + 20% VAT = £594.  You can pay by bank transfer, cheque or credit card - or we can invoice your organisation.


Stay on-site in shared twin rooms for £120 including VAT - or we can supply a list of local guesthouses.

Terms & Conditions

You can view our Terms and Conditions here

Location of course

In the New Forest National Park, near Bransgore, Hampshire

See this link on Google Maps

Rail or coach travel?

Head for Bournemouth (rail/coach) or Christchurch (rail) and take a taxi.

(Note: each course has its own private website which you can use to contact other participants and arrange to share lifts or taxis).

Air travel

Bournemouth airport - 12 minutes by taxi.

Southampton airport is 35 minutes to Bournemouth coach and rail station.

London Heathrow and London Gatwick airports have direct coach links with Bournemouth coach and rail station.

Minimum knowledge about NLP?

No previous knowledge of NLP is needed.

The majority of people who attend our courses will never have even read a book on NLP - so we begin from the basics and take you through to more advanced skills over the four days of the course.

Minimum level of fitness?

The High Ropes and the Low Ropes course sessions take up around 90 minutes each in our NLP Core Skills.

And whether you are very fit, very unfit, or somewhere in between, you can choose whether you will take part - and the manner in which you take i.e. actively or as a supportive member of the team.

See this article on the great Challenge by Choice principle which is central to all of our courses.

 NLP Core Skills - Team Challenge activity

 'A wonderful, empowering and powerful programme - entirely different to any other course I have attended. It is proactive and requires delegate participation at every stage of the process. I’m now able to close more sales, relating to people better, and developing stronger relationships. Aadil Butt, Financial Consultant, UK

"Wow! What a fantastic way to spend a week. Thank you so much for bringing NLP alive for me.  Having read a number of books on the subject (or at least attempted to!) I finally understand how I can use the techniques with my coaching clients.  I’m delighted with the photos – it means I can show my husband, my mum, my friends, my colleagues – anybody who just wouldn’t believe I had it in me!  Excellent!" Kate

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Our NLP Core Skills course is open to all

At NLP Core Skills you will learn NLP as it was created - through modelling, or examining or exploring, how things work - such as

  • How our thoughts create our feelings
  • How to communicate effectively - verbally and non-verbally
  • What causes our moods to instantly change in a negative way - and what to do about this
  • How we support or undermine our self confidence or self esteem
  • How we create difficulties for ourselves through how we think about things
  • A practical step-by-step method for improving your personal, working and social relationships by gauging what it is like to be the other person
  • A practical step-by-step method for becoming more flexible in how you deal with difficult situations
  • A practical step-by-step method for developing a positive mental attitude
  • A practical step-by-step method for improving your ability to influence others

This is not a theoretical course - it is a practical, action-packed, hands-on learning experience where you learn by doing and discussing rather than sitting and listening.

We begin at the beginning and, over the four days, gradually build up a set of insights and skills anyone can take part - even if you have never even heard of NLP before.

The thorough NLP training

We aim to make each of our training courses the most thorough - and the most enjoyable - that is available, anywhere!

For example, the introductory NLP Core Skills is a stand-alone training. And it is also the first part of our modular Practitioner Certification Programme. This means that, from the very beginning, you will be taking part in an in-depth Practitioner-level training rather than a light-weight 'NLP Introductory' course.

You will be learning through discussing, exploring, experimenting and 'doing' in a very active and hands-on manner. You will be learning techniques - but you will also be exploring some of the principles which support the techniques and you will be modelling the elusive 'NLP attitude' of creativity and flexibility and fun.

'Hugely beneficial as a father (I’ve just repeated the course after a long gap), all the way through my two daughters teenage years; I've learnt to respect their space, set a good example and amazingly we're as close as ever and never stop laughing. In my career, I'll be honest, I haven’t made any more money - probably because its not as important to me - but I have chaired meetings with government ministers, lunched with Dukes and never been either intimidated nor at a loss of what to say.' Matt Swain, farmer and accountant, UK

"After taking part in this course, I cannot understand how people are able to learn NLP on an abbreviated course with lots of tapes and reading material. It is essential to practice, and Reg provides a very supportive environment to do this. The friendliness and informality of the group, and of the surroundings, belie the powerful impact of this subject." Jane Owen, Web Editor

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Small learning groups

We have a small learning teams policy - our learning teams are small because we want you to have fun learning NLP thoroughly in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. With us you are part of a learning team of around 10-16 people rather than an audience of 100s).

This is important for us because we believe that real skill in NLP requires personalised and hands-on coaching and feedback from a Certified NLP Trainer, something that is not possible when you are part of an 'audience'.

'I'm more relaxed, mellow even. I can accept compliments without arguing - and come across as more positive. I can now listen better, advise more openly and with less contamination, and I no longer finish other's sentences. I smile more! And that's 3 weeks after the course. Just imagine what I'll be doing in 6 months time! Hanna Edwards, Snapper (of photos!), UK

"Superb experience. I am an experienced trainer, enthusiastic sportsman & full-on Dad of two young kiddies. I learnt a hell of a lot about how much I was missing about peoples communication & all human potential. Playing with these skills is so much fun & so rewarding. Get on this guys & enjoy." Sam Mawby. Training Manager

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 Active NLP

If you've tried learning something by sitting in an hotel room with dozens or hundreds of others, listening to an expert and taking notes you will know this is one, quite conventional, way of acquiring information.

It's not a lot of fun - however entertaining the speaker - and staying awake after lunch is a bit of a struggle!

More importantly, it is not the ideal way to develop behavioural skill, which is what you need at the outset of your NLP exploration.  That's why we ensure that you are actively involved in your learning.

For example:

  1. Lots of our small-group or pair-up activities can be done outside among the pine trees
  2. We use games and experiments to make learning more fun
  3. We begin the course with a 40 minute walk among the trees and down to the lake - where you will be learning how our NLP-in-the-real-world works
  4. You will be able to do the practical exercises outdoors and breathing refreshing New Forest air
  5. We have two sessions on the Ropes Course
  6. We all, both learning team and trainers, eat and chat together as equals.

And you're actively learning right from the start! Much of your first hour of NLP Core Skills (as mentioned above) is spent, in small groups, ambling about the 66 acre estate where we hold the course - getting to know the area with its woods, ponds, lakes and having a first look at the High and Low Ropes courses - and, of course, getting to know the others on your course.

And, as you'll discover, this gentle walk also integrates your first few lessons in 'real world NLP' i.e. the kind of NLP that relates to everyday life!

It's because of little experiences like this that people afterwards remark that time at our trainings passes so quickly. See also why Pegasus NLP courses are special.

"For me the opportunity to work outside was important. I also gained some very relevant insights while doing both Low and High ropes. Working as a team is a very important part of my work, however I am used to working with people who have been trained a certain way. It was challenging and enlightening to work with people who reacted and operated in different ways.

I have been on promotion courses at work and have only found about 20-30% useful. By contrast I found in excess of 90% of core skills immediately useful. (both professionally and personally) Reg’s laid back manner and easy delivery style initially had me questioning how much structure there was to the course, however towards the end all the elements came together and it was clear that an immense amount of experience and preparation had gone into the course.

I met some great people, importantly for me I had fun and a laugh while learning. A week after the course I am already aware of some changes, I can be relaxed about things that used to annoy me, I seem to be more tolerant and having many more tools at my disposal allows me to be more open in my interaction with people. I definitely look at life in a more positive way" Stuart Whitmore

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NLP - for people who like to think for themselves!

We recognise that people learn more and learn quicker when they are actively involved and are having fun.

This is why our training courses are an interesting blend of brief lectures, discussions, games, and indoor and outdoor activities or explorations that enable you to be actively engaged in your learning.

Rather than listening to lectures from 'experts' you'll be actively learning through

  • doing
  • discussing
  • questioning
  • discovering
  • trying things out
  • playing
  • exploring
  • practising

..because we recognise that:

  • People learn best when they are actively involved in the process rather than passive listeners - and this is especially the case with adult learners
  • Different people have different learning needs and styles
  • People remember better when they learn by exploring and finding out for themselves - rather than being 'talked at'
  • People learn best when they also learn with and from their peers
  • People learn best when they feel free to challenge and question rather than simply listen and absorb.  (We actively encourage people to challenge everything we present - and to ensure that what is presented has practical applications!)

Plus, we respect your skills and background and expertise. Our courses are designed to draw upon and integrate our customers' life and work experiences because in this way we are able to create a very dynamic learning team - rather than a group of passive 'students'.

Accelerating your learning

We want you to not just enjoy it but to benefit in very practical ways from your experience of our NLP courses.

To achieve this we use a wide range of advanced methods to accelerate your learning. This enables us to  pack a huge amount of information, insights and experiences into every hour of both our 3-module Practitioner Programme (including this NLP Core Skills).

And this is done overtly. We outline and explain the key methods used so that you can afterwards use these in how you communicate and influence and interact with individuals and groups.

Incidentally, we do not use hypnosis to 'accelerate' your learning. This is often offered as a reason for requiring participants to sit quietly and passively be 'entertrained' by the presenter.

However we want you to be able to consciously and actively and critically involved in your own learning journey - rather than remain a meek and passive student.

Learn NLP away from it all

Our Core Skills workshops are held in the near-idyllic and peaceful setting of a 66 acre estate of wooded grounds with its own lakes - the perfect place for switching off and focusing on having great fun whilst learning a great subject!

You can even stay on-site in the Norwegian-style log cabin where we hold our trainings for just £120 per workshop. This fee includes VAT.

'This course gave me a significant insight into myself and also how I could support others with their development. Not only did this programme increased my self-awareness but also, as a trainer, I've been able to share some of the NLP techniques with others - such as the eye movements for example - that were useful as stand-alone aspects of NLP.  Caroline Bell, Trainer/Coach, UK

'I found the experience extremely positive and uplifting. The atmosphere created is relaxed and conducive to learning, with a blend of practical, theory and lots of humour!  I was surprised how much we managed to cover in the time we had, and how much of it seemed to simply slip into my unconscious without too much effort. The outdoor activities helped to reinforce this and provided an excellent foil for the classroom sessions." Gary, Training Consultant

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