Techniques and tips for using NLP In achieving your goals and objectives

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NLP, goals, and motivation

NLP methods for making objectives motivating and achievable

  1. Design goals that will work: Use the NLP ‘well-formed outcome’ process to make your goals realistic
  2. The PECSAW model: How to use the six questions of the NLP PECSAW method to accurately design goals or outcomes 
  3. What do you DO want? With goals or aspirations make sure you focus on what you do want rather than on what you don’t want
  4. The Future on Wheels is our term for people who are always ‘going to have a great future’ – when they don’t commit to goals or don’t link their goals with action steps
  5. Use pain to motivate yourself: It may sound strange but using thoughts of what you’ll miss out on if you don’t act is a great motivator!  
  6. Is it a goal or merely a dream? Goals or dreams? (1) How to recognise the key differences between a goal and a dream.
  7. 5 tips for making goals more achievable: Goals or Dreams (2) – this develops the PECSAW method (see above).
  8. From dreams to realisation: 5 tips for bringing dreams into reality
  9. The NLP Disney Strategy 1: Just what is the Disney Creativity Strategy and how can it be used in goal setting?
  10. The NLP Disney Strategy 2: How to apply the Disney Creativity Strategy in a step by  step manner
  11. Goals – How to eat an airplane! – some NLP tips on how to deal with major projects
  12. Values (1) How to identify the feelings you want to feel in your life
  13. Values (2) How to design your life to make it more fulfilling
  14. Tiny steps to your goals – The John Naber strategy

Our NLP articles are in 5 sections 

Communicating with others  

Tips and insights into how to improve how you communicate

Managing your moods and emotions (1)

A list of tips, information and techniques for managing your moods and emotional reactions. This is the first of two pages.

Managing your moods and emotion (2)  

A second list of tips and techniques for feeling more in charge of your thourhgt and feelings

NLP in the workplace 

How NLP can be applied at work – in managing, leading, team development, and in your career.

Goals, outcomes and motivation

There is a lot more to goals than SMART objectives. How to design your goals to so they lead to action and achieve what you really want.


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