NLP & Outdoor Learning

NLP in the countryside

We believe that where you learn has an important effect on how you learn.

So on our NLP Certification Training courses you learn and experience NLP in a truly inspiring location.  Here your base is a wooden Norweigan-style lodge and it's set in a 66 acre country estate in the New Forest National Park with two lakes, lots of trees and access to acres of open heathland.

You are surrounded by birdsong and wildlife.  Sometimes you'll be distracted by squirrels eating pine cones just outside the patio doors. If you're lucky you'll catch a glimpse of groups of wild deer silently passing through the trees outside the Lodge on their way to the lake  – usually around dusk or dawn.

You have the opportunity to have your tea breaks indoors or on the decking.  You can sit on the decking or among the trees for the many break-out sessions - or go for a walk in the woods.  And, in the brighter evenings those staying on-site in the lodge often head off for a seaside walk or meal.

The role of the outdoors in learning NLP

It's not just the surroundings, either. We also integrate the outdoors into our courses.

Take our 4-day NLP Core Skills, for example.  The course begins at 10.30 AM on a Saturday. After a quick 15-minute overview of the course you’ll be walking about exploring the site and getting to know people.  This is done in groups of 4 or 5 and if you meet another group from the course you swap a couple of team members. After about 30 minutes we all meet up by the larger lake and compare notes and experiences.

We’re now about 15 minutes walk from the lodge but it’s going to take longer to return because on our walk back we have frequent 'learning stops' to explore various NLP insights that are raised by the walk and which link with our surroundings – and, of course, we need to stop and have a look at the Low and the High Ropes courses which we will be visiting during the course.

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