NLP in personal development

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Developing real NLP skills and insights is an excellent form of personal development! In the course of a training such as our four-day NLP Core Skills you will be able to

  • Develop a better understanding of what makes you ‘tick’
  • Better understand why the people in your life behave as they do
  • Recognise your own out-of-date responses to situations and people – and begin losing these
  • Develop skills to change your moods and your reactions.

At our workshops in the New Forest you learn behaviourally as well as intellectually. You are applying what you learn as you learn it. So, while learning, you are changing and developing. Multi-tasking at its best!

If only…

Most people have a dream of feeling more energetic, being more motivated or relaxed or creative, stopping an un-useful habit, or improving a personal quality. We are going to get around to it – one day. But many never do get around to it.

When you attend our two-part Practitioner Programme you spend a total of 18 days exploring and improving how you think, feel, respond, and communicate in what is one of the most effective personal development programmes available.

You give yourself the gift of eighteen days to get to know yourself better and to actualise your good intentions – to improve a relationship, enhance the quality of your life, or boost your peace of mind or self-esteem.

As a result you are likely to be an easier to live with, more effective in your career, more comfortable with yourself and with a clearer idea of what you want from life – and how to go about getting it.


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