NLP Practitioner benefits

5 Reasons to attend NLP Practitioner 2

1. For yourself

Get to know your strengths - so you can build on these

Get to know your weaknesses – and use techniques to replace these

Dust-off and renew those great attitudes and abilities such as drive, confidence, ‘just do it’, have fun, be yourself

Be at ease with yourself and resolve those ‘in two minds about it’ conflicts

Use the course-long Design your Future method to live your life according to your own values

2. Personal and professional relationships

Use course insights to recognise the thinking behind the words – and to understand seemingly irrational behaviour and respond differently to this

Learn a variety of ‘emotional self-defence’ methods to improve how you handle difficult people and situations

Recognise and deflect attempts by others to un-usefully influence you

Get your message across: use the two Language Models to make what you say, with individuals and groups, clearer and more impactful.

3. ‘Cappuccino Coaching’

In Pegasus NLP we call it ‘Cappuccino Coaching’. It’s the skill of helping people, at home or at work, to think more clearly and overcome limitations – and to be able to do this informally, skillfully, and conversationally

You learn how to use questions to coach people in finding their own solutions to difficulties – and to use NLP techniques to put these solutions into action.

4. Motivate yourself - and others

In life we do things because we want to feel better or to avoid feeling bad - we wish to move towards good feelings or away from bad ones i.e. we are motivated by Values and Beliefs.

When you can recognise your own beliefs and values – and have the tools to change or replace out-dated ones – you are more in charge of yourself and where you are going.

And you can use the same skills to enable other people to clarify their motivation – and to help them achieve more in life

5. NLP Change & Influencing Techniques

Learn to use a wide range (around 60) of techniques and insights to help yourself and others overcome difficulties and to improve relationships.

And…. it’s a great course

NLP Practitioner Part 2 is an inspiring personal and professional development training programme packed with information, insights and practical techniques and is recognised b the Association for NLP.

Over a five week span (two 6-day modules plus about 3-4 weeks between them) you will be giving yourself a thorough makeover in how you think, feel, act, and communicate

And because you are learning to improve how you think, feel, act and communicate there really are no limits to where you can apply the skills e.g.

Managing & Leading

Running your own business

Sales & Marketing

Motivating and influencing

Training and coaching

Having great relationships

Improving how you live your life.

As in Core Skills you learn-by-doing.  You first apply what you learn in your own life - so you benefit from it and so that you will be more skilful and congruent in how you apply the methods with others.

During the course you will be part of a 'coaching group' with two or three others in which you explore practical applications for what you learn and fine tune your skills.


Click here to view the full NLP Practitioner Programme Part 2 brochure

And if you like lots of detail the full Practitioner Part 2 syllabus is here