NLP Practitioner Part 2 - what people have said

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What people have said about NLP Practitioner 2

A powerful tool

It is a wonderful opportunity to develop your good skills further and allow NLP to embed seamlessly into your daily life and all your interactions.

Pegasus is really quite unique. No overstuffed, overcrowded hotel conference rooms with no air or light - with 200 people on this course!

The chance to get our coat and wellies/boots on and explore the techniques in the fresh air (or even rain) meant that our minds were constantly fresh. Yes it is intense - a powerful tool like this needs time and energy and effort.  But believe me - you will have the necessary skills to do this because you will want to! 

Nicola Shelley

Where the real gems are

What I’d say about this course? Do it - its worth it.  If you even have a whisper of a thought then it will be the right thing for you.  Core Skills is a wonderful tool for self development & vital to have done before you consider Part 2 - however Part 2 is where the real gems are held for long lasting changes in thought processes & behaviour. 

L. Moreton

I'm not saying...!

I'm not saying you should definitely do Practitioner Part 2 but I found it very useful... 😉 

Marie Edwards

Life changing

It's a fantastic course and has been a life changing experience. Even though I've not been practising regularly since I got back (last month) I'm still using the tools and I can see that a lot of change has happened on a sub-conscious level. Definitely do it!   

A. Hughes

Go for it

What would I say to someone considering the Programme? Go for it! 

However I would also utilise my new skills and ask them questions to clarify what their objectives and motivations were before sharing my own experience!! 

Chris Found

I use it in everything I do

Core Skills really opened my eyes to NLP and the NLP Practitioner Part 2 really embedded NLP practices, I use everything in everything I do.

Ric Hayden

Truly inspiring

The most well-delivered course I have ever had the pleasure to attend. Truly inspiring, words for me cannot encapsulate the essence of the entire course structure.

Richard Baker

Best 2-week learning ever

Fantastic. Brilliant opportunities for learning, working closely with others. Excellent content, incredibly useful superbly delivered. I thought I had got some interesting stuff on NLP Core Skills, but that was scratching the surface. I am now at a conscious incompetence level for so many useful tools and itching to be able to practise. It's a wonderful opportunity I would never have missed. Undoubtedly the most and best learning in a two week period that I have ever had.

Charlie Welch

A changed person

Life changing for me, excellent trainers and a fantastic group of people. Core Skills is a scratch of the surface - follow up with part 2 and see the results. I have left the course a changed person I am enjoying my learning experience and enjoying seeing the difference I am helping to bring in others.

Sue Bright


It has been a very empowering and healing experience for me and given me tools I've been searching for, for more than 20 years. Thanks everyone!

Beverley Robertson

Will surpass expectations

Brilliant.  I felt like I had been opened up, rewired and sewn back up to meet the world with a clarity and comprehension of how complex the human mind/body is but also what potential it has.What people have said about NLP Practitioner

(For people thinking about Practitioner 2) I would say that if Core skills created a curiosity and willingness to expand their new understanding then the Practitioner will more than surpass their expectations and bring them to a level that opens up avenues to new self learning and how we can communicate with a lot more finesse and elegance.

S Afshar

Learn, grow, be challenged and inspired

I loved every moment of it - the skill, personalities and diverse backgrounds of the trainers, staying with the group, … which added to the big picture of a memorable learning experience and the wonderful group of people I was privileged to train with.  I am still trying to understand (along with several other course members) how this diverse group of people came to live and work together so harmoniously and effortlessly. 

In my professional life I have considerable experience of being thrown into large new teams that have to perform effectively and immediately and know it's quite rare to achieve such unity. 

Where I'm sitting on it currently is that either Pegasus weaves a hidden magic or that this group of like-minded people was capable of that all important acceptance of individual uniqueness and difference!  Probably a bit of both.

If you enjoyed Core Skills, you will just love Practitioner Part 2, so don't hesitate, just go for it or you will miss an amazing opportunity to learn, grow, be challenged and inspired which will enhance your life in every direction.

J.  Desborough-Brown

Amazing journey

A great leap forward from Core Skills with a lot more to take in and work with. Well paced and presented. Core Skills was just the tip of the iceberg; Practitioner Part 2 takes you on an amazing journey beneath the waterline to discover how much more there is.

Edmund Norris

Thought provoking

The impact of Practitioner Part 2 may not have hit me yet.  It has been thought provoking. I am finding that memories and ideas are still surfacing as relevant experiences arrive in everyday life.

I would say that they would probably benefit from waiting until they feel really hungry for it.  It was worth taking my time to decide whether to go further and to enjoy the journey as well as the destination.

Richard Smith


I would recommend it if they had enjoyed core skills and wanted to be able to apply NLP techniques as part of their day-to-day lives/career


Safe and structured learning environment

I loved this course, the location, people and content. I have never given myself that much time to reflect on my life and what I wanted. To do so in a safe and structured environment was priceless.

If NLP Core Skills opened your eyes to a different world, then Practitioner Part 2 adds the colour, texture and soundtrack. It enables you develop the skills to understand yourself, listen to others - and the response with infinite flexibility. It provides the space, time and companions to allow you to safely look at your life and make choices.

Peter Wright

Life changing

Life changing for me, excellent trainers and a fantastic group of people. Core Skills is a scratch of the surface follow up with part 2 and see the results.

I have left this course a changed person I am enjoying my learning experience and enjoying seeing the difference I am helping to bring to others.

Sue Bright

Click here to view the full NLP Practitioner Programme Part 2 brochure

And if you like lots of detail the full Practitioner Part 2 syllabus is here

A fantastic experience

Brilliant. Really thought-provoking and memorable. Practical and fun and the memories will stay with me forever.

A fantastic experience with wonderful people and unlike other courses I've been on got the certificate and kept it on the shelf, NLP tools are now with me always and useful in every situation. Together you make a really fantastic team!

Sandra Skett

So much interesting stuff to learn

I found the whole course very inspiring. I particularly appreciated the way learning was designed to be participatory and was delivered in a variety of styles by the different facilitators. I thought the approach that focuses on the four R's was at the core of the course's design; working with people from a range of backgrounds, ages, cultures etc and sharing our living space was a great way to exercise our learning whilst being away from outside influences.

Go for it! There is so much interesting stuff to learn, and I can see how the range of tools can be applied to many experiences and contexts. This could be a course for you, but in my experience it has had an impact on how I relate to everyone. It has increased my self confidence and enhanced my curiosity of the world.

S Sansom


Brilliant. Challenging. I really want to do the Master Practitioner when I have embedded the learning from this one. Do it. But don't expect an easy time, or to come out the same person at the other end.

Susannah Gill

Get stuck into the feast

SUPERB!!!!! You have enjoyed your nibble at the starters, now it’s time to get stuck into the feast that is NLP.

Kevin Gallagher

Extremely rewarding

If you want to build on the Core Skills you have learnt and look further into NLP Principles, do it. This is extremely rewarding, well-structured, entertaining training.  Plus you will meet even more excellent people.

The trainers knew what worked best to encourage a group to learn.  The training was made interesting and entertaining, there were frequent breaks which took into account the groups energy levels and maximised our ability to take on considerable amounts of information willingly. 

The trainers all have very different qualities which complement each other well.  A mix of approaches keeps things fresh and new.  Well done to you all and many thanks again.

Ros Elliott

19 out of 20

19/20 -  I learned SOOOOOO much 🙂 Hold on tight and prepare yourself to see the world through different eyes:)

Elizabeth Mynott

Fun and personal adventure

A brilliant course. Immerse yourself in this unique learning environment.  I have never been anywhere else where I have felt so able to participate and explore with such a great sense of fun and personal adventure.

My personal experience was excellent and I'm not able to come up with any improvements at present (I've even tried the 'what if you did know?' question to no avail.) A unique learning environment with fascinating materials expertly presented.

Ann Shaw

A brilliant three weeks

A brilliant three weeks - thank you!  I was so looking forward to starting my NLP journey this year and I was fortunate to do this with a great bunch of people - trainers and delegates alike. 

The mixed group worked very well.  I feel I have so much more to learn but the course has encouraged me to keep going. Thanks Reg for your expert and inspirational tuition.  Looking forward to seeing you at future NLP events so I can learn even more!

Kate Turner

Enjoyable and thought-provoking

You have excellent facilitators on this course which made it a truly enjoyable and thought provoking experience - I would recommend your course to anyone considering NLP

C Pearson

I love using this

I have been working (as a coach) with a few people lately and sometimes I am a little weary when I start due to having been at work or looking after small children.  By the time I have finished my energy levels have increased hugely.  I love doing this.

Alison King

Concrete Results

What amazed me about studying NLP at Pegasus were the concrete results that I got. If you have a tendency to over-theorize as I do (did) then this comes as a bit of a shock. The constant emphasis on practical exercises means that you cant help but internalise the material. Coming fresh off of the Practitioner’s course I have found that I talk differently, relate differently and go about my business in a radically new and effective way.

As a material bonus, on the purely financial side of things I found my workload and consequently my income quadrupled within 2 weeks of leaving the Part 2 course because I resolved  2 core beliefs that I held about (a) not being good enough and (b) fear of success. Add to that a new understanding about habitual patterns of behaviour and techniques that allow you to take charge of these patterns and re-imprint them and you have got a selection of powerful new states to move forward with.

And did I mention the fun I had?, Yes, alcohol was consumed, embarrassing things were done but somewhere in there I also lost my fear of heights and met some lovely people, many of whom have become good, supportive and inspiring friends.

I’m doing the Master’s course now and find this just as fascinating and revolutionary as Core Skills and Practitioner Part 2, you just keep going deeper in. The training courses that I run for a living are improving massively as I develop new skills for relating with individual course participants, changing my style of delivery to match people’s preferred learning systems.

I know people who have studied NLP with some very famous names and they are envious of the level of competence and personal development  that the course provides. It’s an intense roller coaster ride of discovery but also the most fun you can have that's legal!

B. Reeves, Life Skills Trainer and Coach)

A real mind opener

Excellent and a memorable experience with so many practical applications back at work both for others and myself. A real mind opener and a workshop that continues to make you think long after you have left.

Malc Lewis

Huge amount covered

Very useful and applicable. Although such a huge amount covered it was done in an effective and manageable way.

T. Buckle

Three months on...

Where do I start...Now it's July (three months after the course ended) and I find a hell of a lot of the skills exude from my behaviour and thinking in life. I find it difficult to highlight one area - the focus it has given me on what is important in life is possibly the best answer I can provide.

Sam Mawby

Great group

Fabulous - could not have come at a better time in my life. The group had a special quality about it. Perhaps every group experiences this ...?

A. Attwood

Greatly enhanced my work

Learnt loads, enjoyed the mix of fairly short information sessions, discussions and loads of practise. Interesting to work with and learn from such a diverse, enthusiastic mix of people. The whole thing was such fun and absolutely fascinating.

The course moved me on from (on the Core Skills) having the possibility of an idea to being certain of what I want to do next, having a plan for it and making a start on the first stage.

Has already greatly enhanced the work I do with young people and my own clients. One of my telephone clients said last week that I'd 'given her her life back'. Have already recommended the course to at least a dozen people. Excellent and a wonderful setting.

Marian Wimbleton

Variety of training styles

I appreciated the variety of training styles and strategies for group interaction. I found the sensory acuity "activities" interesting as they are very similar to the work I lead on the 'creativity courses' and it was interesting to see the same tasks use in a different setting.

I was interested in the styles used by the presenters to "manage" questions and interruptions. The variety of learning that took place without being aware of it.

Sue Beckett

More empowering than I have words to express

1. Realisation that I alone am responsible for my state has enabled me to manage it much more successfully than I ever have before. I am far more aware of my changing state now and able to lift myself out of an unproductive states with relative ease.

2. The understanding of how different each person's map truly is - not just an intellectual awareness (which I believe most people have if they think about it) but something deeper that I am actually able to understand and therefore work with.

3. The realisation and acceptance that I place my own interpretation on everything around me without realising it. Again this is something far deeper than a belief, which is what I had before - this is a knowledge and understanding of what it means, the effect it has, how I can choose to go with it or not ...

4. I've been able to evaluate a number of my relationships and understand why some are more successful than others. I can now consciously decide whether I want to do something about improving the weaker ones or not. I now have a choice and am not just on the receiving end of a situation I accept no responsibility for...

... I could go on for a long time - this new knowledge and understanding is more empowering than I have words to express.

Paula G.

More flexible in my approach

(In considering what was most useful in the course) I find it difficult to isolate some aspects ahead of the others. If I have to make a choice, I would select:

The Meta Model and the Milton Model - the use of language by others and myself seems to be a lot clearer now.

Flexibility - I have found that, in the last month, I am able to recognise when to be flexible (whereas it would not have occurred to me previously). I am also able to be more flexible in my approach. I have noticed that this has tended to make me more creative in everything.

T. Maude

Very fulfilling and thoroughly enjoyable

I thought I’d learned a lot on Core Skills – it’s not until you do Practitioner Part 2 that you realise how much more there is to know … and I’m sure the same will be true if I progress to the Master Practitioner programme.

I enjoyed Part 2 even more than Core Skills because so many of the elements of NLP started to coalesce and potential uses for the skills become much clearer.  The use of a second trainer stretches the students and provides a slightly different perspective on some aspects of the course which is beneficial.

The fact that the course is split into two separate weeks is excellent. The course is very intense and intellectually tiring (even though it is great fun) and two consecutive weeks would be too much.

Additionally you cover the bulk of the syllabus in the first week and it has time to sink in before the second week when you get many different opportunities to practise with the different skills.

As on Core Skills, the friendships you form are very strong, and the group support is a great help.

Altogether an amazing experience – very fulfilling and thoroughly enjoyable.  We were all sad when it came to an end!

Caroline Bennett

The enjoyment and awe of practising

To put some words around my experiences in Part 2 of the practitioner... The enjoyment and awe of practicing what we learn during the course and expanding our own personal development is a magic and a humbling experience.

I whole heartily recommend a Pegasus experience. You have given me the tools to make my own keys for the doors I now begin to open within myself. Thank you Reg and the team.

Tom - Call Centre manager

Rebalanced my life

Thanks for a great course, learned a lot, met some interesting people and rebalanced my life in a relaxed, fun and interesting way.

I learned to take people as they really are and not as preconceived models, and this applied to a host of topics.

The skills, tools, strategies and memories will last a long time. May your future students have as great a time.

Dan - HMRC

Click here to view the full NLP Practitioner Programme Part 2 brochure

And if you like lots of detail the full Practitioner Part 2 syllabus is here

By Reg Connolly, Director of Training, Pegasus NLP


With our NLP Practitioner Part 2 course you have a two-day money-back guarantee. If you are not convinced that the course will benefit you just let us know any time up to the end of the second day and we will refund your course fee – plus accommodation fee if you’ve stayed on site. And we will do this promptly, in full, and without question.