NLP Practitioner Course syllabus

The 10 Learning Themes on Practitioner 2

1. Personal & Professional Development

Make this your 2-week in-depth personal and professional makeover - everything you learn, including around 60 techniques and processes and the great 'Design your Future' process, is first applied in your own life. 

2. Advanced Communication Skills  

Communicate more effectively in all areas of your life - including coaching, parenting, selling, training and team leadership

3. Speak with skill and precision

Use the Meta Model to recognise the thinking behind the words so that you can better understand people. This is an excellent model to use in coaching, appraising and mentoring.

4. The language of influence

Communicate more influentially with individuals and groups with the verbal, vocal and non-verbal tools of the Milton Model.- the model that makes it easier to reach hearts as well as minds.

5. The Reframing Techniques

Use this extensive range of 14 techniques to change how you and others emotionally respond to events.- includes the powerful Parts Consultation technique for dealing with inner conflict.

6. NLP Strategy Skills

Take your coaching and people-helping work to a higher level by identifying the mental programmes or 'recipes' that run both positive and negative behaviours

7. Motivate yourself and others  

Use in-depth Values skills to improve how you motivate yourself and others - and use Values to make decision making easier. Identify and deal with Limiting Beliefs

8. Anchoring & the Subtle Skills

Learn how to create positive anchors, including the Walking Anchor, and defuse negative anchors - and recognise, use and respond to non-verbal communication.

9. Timelines and Submodalities 

Develop skill in using NLP Timeline and Submodalities to make the other NLP Techniques work better.

10. Learn to use a range of NLP Techniques

Develop a range of advanced NLP Techniques for use in your own life and with others (see the full list in the details section below)


The Outdoors in Learning - throughout the two weeks we include outdoor and indoor activities and games to deepen your experience of NLP.

(Note: the perquisite for this course is the 4-day NLP Core Skills which is Part 1 of our NLP Practitioner Certification Programme.)


Raft sailng on the Main Lake - New Forest UK

Now for the details of each Learning Theme...

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“I thought I’d learned a lot on Core Skills – it’s not until you do Practitioner 2 that you realise how much more there is to know. I enjoyed Part 2 even more than Core Skills because so many of the elements of NLP started to coalesce and potential uses for the skills become much clearer.”  Caroline Bennett, coach


Why take part? Here are some reasons

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How you learn on Practitioner 2

In Practitioner 2 we cover a large range of subjects. We do this in depth, yet in a way which makes them easy to learn.

There are around 60 main topics in the programme and each generally follows a learning cycle which includes a:

  1. Brief overview of the topic
  2. Live demonstration of the topic in action
  3. Hands-on practical session with a colleague - which often includes feedback from the trainer
  4. Main-group discussion of your practical session to look at practical applications for what you have learned
  5. Later opportunity to revisit the topic in your morning or evening coaching groups

We also continually look at how the topics connect with one another - so you get to revisit the key topics a number of times to wire-in your skill.

This is a dynamic and interactive course which usually gets re-designed as we progress through course to suit the personality of the group - and to ensure we cover the major topics and concepts thoroughly.  In the event that any topics on this list cannot be actively covered we will provide information handouts on the subject.

To take part in the NLP Practitioner Programme...

The Practitioner Certification training is in two Parts - NLP Core Skills and the NLP Practitioner Part 2 Programme.  To take part in this thorough NLP certification training first register for and participate in NLP Core Skills and then continue your training with Practitioner Part 2.