NLP Practitioner Course Details

NLP Practitioner Training Programme

You learn differently on the Pegasus NLP Practitioner Programme

 - you 'do' NLP rather than listen to lectures

 - you learn from our 30+ years of experience in NLP training and

 - you learn in a refreshing countryside setting.

The Pegasus NLP Practitioner Certification programme is in 2 parts.

  1. Part 1 is NLP Core Skills and this course is held each spring, summer and autumn in the New Forest in Hampshire.
  2. Part 2 is NLP Practitioner Part 2. This is open to those who have attended NLP Core Skills and completes our full-length, full-syllabus NLP Practitioner Certification Programme

Part 1:  NLP Core Skills

This is a 4-day stand-alone and in-depth NLP training; it is also the first part of our full-length NLP Practitioner Certification.

NLP Core Skills is held two to three times a year in the New Forest in Hampshire, not far from Southampton and Bournemouth. Full details here.

Part 2: NLP Practitioner Certification (Part 2)

Practitioner 2 is the second part of our Practitioner Programme. Participation is open to all who have completed NLP Core Skills.  You can attend NLP Practitioner 2 any time after Core Skills - even years later. Or you can attend it a few weeks after Core Skills. The choice is yours.

NLP Practitioner 2 is a two-week programme (the two weeks are usually 3-4 weeks apart) and it is held each autumn. 

The Essential Details - NLP Practitioner Programme Part 2

Programme datesWe believe 'live' training is the ideal way to learn NLP thoroughly so our courses are 'on hold' until pandemic precautions such as masks and the 2 metre distancing is no longer required.
Programme timesEach week runs from Saturday to Thursday. Day 1 begins at 10.30 AM.  Final day ends at 3.00 PM. Other days are from 9 am to about 5.30 pm.
Group sizeUp to 14-16 people
PricingTraining fee (excluding accommodation): £1675 + 20% VAT (£2010).  Flexible payments: the 2-week course including accommodation = deposit £186 plus 12 monthly payments £185 (£2406).  Flexible payments excluding accommodation = deposit £160 plus 10 payments £185  (£2010)
Accommodation feeSelf catering accommodation in twin shared rooms is £330 + 20% VAT (£396) for the two weeks.
Certification feeNone. We do not charge an additional certification fee.
EligibilityThe pre-requisite for this course is NLP Core Skills.(If you have not yet attended NLP Core Skills you can provisionally register for NLP Practitioner Part 2 when registering for NLP Core Skills and confirm your reservation either during or after NLP Core Skills.)
Reserve your placeYou can provisionally reserve your place here  (See previous paragraph on eligibility)
What do you get from NLP Practitioner 2?Why take part? The 5 reasons are here...
BrochureNLP Practitioner (Part 2) Brochure this includes the detailed programme syllabus
Outdoor activitiesWe usually hold a High Ropes session, an Archery session and a Raft Building session (including sailing the raft on the lake). These activities can be weather-dependent.
Training teamReg Connolly & members of the Pegasus Team of Certified NLP Trainers
AssessmentAssessment for certification as a Practitioner of NLP is ongoing and is completed in Week 2 by two Certified NLP Trainers.  Certification as a Practitioner through Pegasus NLP is recognised by the Association for NLP.
Terms and conditions:You can view our terms and conditions here
Guaranteed?Yes. See below.


With our NLP Practitioner Part 2 course you have a two-day money-back guarantee. If you are not convinced that the course will benefit you just let us know any time up to the end of the second day and we will refund your course fee – plus accommodation fee if you’ve stayed on site. And we will do this promptly, in full, and without question.

More information about NLP Practitioner Part 2

The most well-delivered course I have ever had the pleasure to attend. Truly inspiring, words cannot encapsulate the essence of the entire course structure.  Richard Baker

Fantastic. Brilliant opportunities for learning, working closely with others. Excellent content, incredibly useful superbly delivered. I thought I had got some interesting stuff on NLP Core Skills, but that was scratching the surface. I am now at a conscious incompetence level for so many useful tools and itching to be able to practise. It's a wonderful opportunity I would never have missed. Undoubtedly the best learning in a two week period that I have ever had. C. Welch  

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