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The following articles explore how you can use NLP in managing your thinking, your moods, and how you react to people and situations.

Many of the topics overlap into the other archive categories — so be sure to also check these out, too.

  1. Negative anchors – Negative Anchors explained
  2. Negative anchors – Negative Anchors: No Blame!  Positive thinking doesn’t work with them
  3. Negative anchors – Simple steps for taking action on Negative Anchors
  4. Anchor hunting – how to uncover what’s triggering your bad moods
  5. Panic – Panic Attacks Demystified  The first action step in dealing with panic attacks is to understand them.
  6. Prejudice: how to be prejudiced – how the NLP Meta Model explains prejudice
  7. Procrastination Habit (1)  How the Procrastination Habit affects us
  8. Procrastination Habit (2)  Tips for dealing with habitual procrastination
  9. Self Consciousness – how to replace Self Consciousness with ‘other consciousness’
  10. Self Consciousness – how to be at ease with yourself instead of self conscious
  11. Self esteem – NLP and the Low Self Esteem Habit how we develop low self esteem
  12. Self-hypnosis – Negative Self-Hypnosis  Your self-talk is your on-going silent chatter. Is this building you up or undermining you?
  13. Setbacks – NLP technique to make your own day rather than having it made for you by others
  14. Sleep and insomnia – Improve Your Sleep  Mental, physical and emotional ways of beating insomnia.
  15. Stretching Get outside your comfort zone!  Use Karl Rhonke’s comfort, stretch, Panic model to stay flexible.
  16. Stretching – Stretching or shrinking?  Comfort, stretch, Panic revisited (read the earlier article first – see towards beginning of this list)
  17. Try – You can try or you can do – but not both The role of the little word ‘try’ in your thinking and communicating.
  18. Unfinished business – NLP and the Zeigarnik Effect – the emotional cost of unfinished business
  19. Weight Management – often it is now what you eat – but HOW you do it…
  20. The media: Doom & Gloom Special – how the media use the Shock, Sadden, Scare and Seduce formula to manipulate us for their own benefit
  21. The media: Take a break from the bad news: how the media influences our moods, if we allow this to happen
  22. NLP an intellectual process? NLP used to be quite an intellectual activity
  23. Challenge: Nikki’s outdoor dancing challenge to her NLP Practitioner group (and the course trainer…) in 1999
  24. Mind-Body: NLP and the Mind-Body relationship


Our NLP articles are in 5 sections 

Communicating with others  

Tips and insights into how to improve how you communicate

Managing your moods and emotions (1)

A list of tips, information and techniques for managing your moods and emotional reactions. This is the first of two pages.

Managing your moods and emotion (2)  

A second list of tips and techniques for feeling more in charge of your thourhgt and feelings

NLP in the workplace 

How NLP can be applied at work – in managing, leading, team development, and in your career.

Goals, outcomes and motivation

There is a lot more to goals than SMART objectives. How to design your goals to so they lead to action and achieve what you really want.


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