Practitioner Part 2 - Frequent questions

Frequent Questions about the course

These are commonly asked questions by people who have attended NLP Core Skills and who are contemplating completing their NLP Practitioner Certification by taking part in NLP Practitioner Part 2 of the programme.

What is NLP Practitioner Certification Part 2?

It is a two-week intensive course in NLP personal and professional development and advanced communication skills.

Who can attend?  

It is open to everyone who has completed our NLP Core Skills course.

How does it compare with NLP Core Skills? 

It is similar in that it is very experiential, has lots of learning activities, and is at Avon Tyrrell in the New Forest.

It is different since it covers more topics (it is over 3 times the length of NLP Core Skills). And, since you already have had a 4-day immersion in NLP we can now move up a gear and go into things in more depth and explore more in-depth topics. 

There is a greater emphasis on using advanced NLP methods in your personal development. And it is also is a very thorough and advanced communication skills training programme.

It’s a long time since I did NLP Core Skills. Does this matter? 

No. We revisit everything from Core Skills, in order to integrate this with the advanced topics, so even if you’re quite rusty on your original course material you’ll soon be up to speed.

The longest gap between attending NLP Core Skills and Practitioner Part 2? So far the record is 12 years.

I did my NLP Core Skills very recently. Does this matter?

No. We have had people move on to Practitioner 2 just a day or two after NLP Core Skills. This did require some stamina but attending Part 2 a few weeks or months later is fine.

Who attends Practitioner Part 2? 

As with NLP Core Skills, Practitioner 2 attracts a very wide range of people.  Some people come along mainly to develop skills for their working life such as managers, team leaders, HR professionals such as trainers, coaches and mentors, and sales people.

Some come because they are at transition points in their careers. And most will come for the great personal development ‘makeover’ which the Programme provides.

How focused are the people on Practitioner 2? 

Everyone who attends Part 2 has made a significant and measured commitment of their time and money. For this reason participants tend to be more motivated, more enthusiastic about personal development, and they do tend to work together in a more cohesive way. And since the course is spread over six or seven weeks, including the between-modules break, people tend to get to know one much better.

What will I learn and experience? 

A lot, is the short answer. And because you are learning experientially you don’t have to memorise – it sort of sinks in!  You will also have your small coaching group of two or three other participants with which to go over things outside the training day (usually in mornings or evenings or during lunch breaks). The course syllabus is here

How often is the course held?

Each spring and every other autumn. Each of the course modules runs from Saturday to Thursday and there is a gap of 3-4 weeks between modules.

Can I extend the course payments?

Yes, we’re very happy to do this. You can spread payments over 12 months and without an additional charge for this.

Can I miss a day or two?

It is ideal to attend both weeks and this is necessary to be eligible for certification. If you have to miss a day this is fine. Your coaching group will bring you up to speed when you return.

If you have to miss more than a day we will ask you to pick up the missed days on a later course – and there is no additional change for this.

What are the key benefits of taking part?

The 5 main benefits are detailed on this page: 


What amazed me about studying NLP at Pegasus were the concrete results that I got. If you have a tendency to over-theorize as I do (did) then this comes as a bit of a shock. The constant emphasis on practical exercises means that you can’t help but internalise the material. Coming fresh off of the Practitioner’s course I have found that I talk differently, relate differently and go about my business in a radically new and effective way. (B Reeves, Life Skills Coach)

A quite excellent course. Thoroughly enjoyable and very worthwhile experience. I have made friendships and developed relationships which I expect to be life-long. A.S


With our NLP Practitioner Part 2 course you have a two-day money-back guarantee. If you are not convinced that the course will benefit you just let us know any time up to the end of the second day and we will refund your course fee – plus accommodation fee if you’ve stayed on site. And we will do this promptly, in full, and without question.