NLP & Outdoor Dancing!

A step too far?

It started off as a whim and on one of our first New Forest courses - around 20 years ago.

Nikki, Stephen and Martina were exploring walking their Time Line with 'a funny walk and a song'.

Nikki, of course, had to go right over the top, taking things to extremes.

Her dance, to her internal version of the Blues Brothers' Shake Your Tail Feathers song, was great - free and uninhibited!

I was over on the other side of the field area as she danced and managed to quickly get a couple of shots. Watching her I thought 'Why don't we all see how we can model that attitude of freedom and spontaneity!

Nikki, being Nikki, readily agreed and, next day, she arrived with her CD and player. The afternoon was cool but sunny so we set up the ghetto blaster in front of the house and formed a big and slightly self-conscious circle around the player.

Not easy!

Nikki started off the dance. It was hard at first to get into it. There was no smoky, womb-like dance club atmosphere. No thumping, rib-shaking bass beat. No darkened dance-floor anonymity.

The internal dialogue raced:

This is not be me!

I must look silly! etc. etc.

Normally, at a dance club, a few drinks would have silenced the complaining internal voice. But this was in the open air, on a sunny March afternoon, and with bemused glances from some people in another, more conventional, group.

And then something changed inside...

And in that shift the 'critical parent' internal voice became irrelevant and the unfamiliar way of behaving became just that - unfamiliar, up to now - and another great opportunity to learn and discover.

Then the dancing became hugely enjoyable with a big internal state change and a not insignificant attitude shift.

The 'unpacking' (reviewing) session afterwards raised many issues and learning points plus questions about what really is possible and just how little is impossible... if we make that choice to be free... inside.

Thanks, Nikki.  (from Reg)



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