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How to eat an airplane!

Or how to not be intimidated by your own thoughts! NLP is well-known for its great range of techniques for changing you you think, feel and communicate. But, deep down, NLP is really a ‘modelling’ process – a set of skills for identifying what makes us tick: how we have thoughts, how we create our emotions,…

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Public speaking, talks, presentations… Why do it?

An NLP way to decide where you’re going One great thing about NLP is how it enables us to be surgically precise in analysing a situation in order to improve it. For example, let’s say you’re planning to make a presentation. The first question to ask yourself is WHY? Why do it? Why give that talk? Why…

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Using the NLP Eye Movements

The gifted few It used to be that some people we regarded as gifted communicators and everyone else had to work hard at developing their skills. Then, about 45 years ago, along came NLP which began identifying the skills that the apparently ‘gifted’ communicators used. One of many obvious-once-it’s-pointed-out discoveries the NLP came up with was…

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All your eggs in one basket

The lights went out Just as darkness was approaching yesterday afternoon the electricity supply in the house disappeared. Suddenly there was no power, no lighting and no heating. And it is mid-winter here on the UK’s south coast. And it is dark here from about 4 pm until nearly 8 am. And it is quite…

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“I know just how they feel” – NLP and fuzzy thinking

Different languages! The rush-hour train from London was crowded but I got a seat at a table in the noisy, smoky buffet section.  (This was just before smoking in public places was outlawed in the UK). So I was sitting there, listening to relaxing music in the headphones to drown out the noisy boozy office…

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'The Eyes Don't Have It' – NLP scientifically disproved?

A not-very-scientific attempt to scientifically discredit NLP According to research published on 11 July 2012 by three teams of scientists (Universities of Hertfordshire, Edinburgh, and British Columbia) NLP ‘proponents’ are being irresponsible in teaching people about eye movements.* Their paper is called  ‘The Eyes Don’t Have It: Lie Detection and Neuro-Linguistic Programming’ and they have concluded:…

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Handle your job interview with skill

Time to sell yourself Many people attend job interviews or on-job appraisals with a naive belief that if the look good, feel confident, and do a good job of answering questions they’ll succeed. This approach is naive because to is not taking into account the dynamics operating oin an interview and, especially, it is not…

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The Low Self Esteem Habit

Self esteem is not a thing – it’s simply a way of thinking This week’s Pegasus NLP Newsletter is about self esteem. And how, whether it be high or low, self esteem is simply a habit – a habitual way of thinking about ourselves. As American psychologist and philosopher William James observed about 100 years ago ‘All…

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Life coaching – for amateurs!

Life coaching – 5 tips for amateurs! (1) You’re already a life coach You’re a life coach whenever you help a person with a difficulty: teacher, manager, parent, friend, professional coach’. The term life coach describes a person whose profession involves helping others overcome their difficulties and achieve their goals. But we all act as ‘amateur’…

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