Terms & Conditions - updated 14 November 2018

(A) Preparing to attend a course

Who can attend?

Our courses are open to everyone over the age of 18 years.

Booking a place on a course

For personal bookings, organisations which are not VAT-registered, and all overseas bookings, your place is confirmed once we have received your course registration form and deposit. You will receive our receipt confirming this booking. Contracts for training services are made between you, as our customer, and Pegasus NLP Ltd.

For corporate bookings by public bodies and VAT-registered organisations based in the UK, your place is confirmed once we have received your course registration form accompanied by an appropriate Purchase Order reference. Your company will be issued with an invoice confirming your booking. Contracts for training services are made between your company, as the customer, and Pegasus NLP Ltd.

Payment terms

Personal bookings:  A deposit, as detailed on the course registration form, is payable at the time of booking with the balance of payment due on the third day of the course – or by instalments if this has been agreed at the time of booking.

Corporate bookings:  Full amount is payable on the date specified on the invoice.

Monthly payments:  Where monthly payments are available, and where you have agreed to pay in this way, you agree to pay the full amount of the course. This applies whether or not you complete the course. (Note: this does not affect your guarantee whereby you have until the end of the second day of the course to change your mind and withdraw from the course with a full refund of all monies you have paid for the course).

What is included in my course fee?

The course fee includes tuition, workbook, and morning and afternoon refreshments. In the case of Practitioner Part 2, Master Practitioner and Train the Trainer Programmes your course fee includes the certification process.

Postponing or cancelling your course booking

At Pegasus NLP we want you to experience a very high standard of training. Therefore we limit attendance on our courses so that we have small groups.

Because of this our courses can be fully booked in advance. This means that a late cancellation can result in a vacant place on that course. For this reason, we ask you to only postpone or cancel if it is absolutely necessary. If, however, you do need to postpone or cancel your place on a training course, please let us know as soon as possible and note the following terms:

(1a)       Postponing your NLP Workshop booking:

  1. Postponements received up to 21 days before the course begins: your course deposit/fee will be transferred to one later course of your choice without an administration fee. If you need to transfer your booking a second or further time there will be an administration fee of £75 per transfer.
  2. Postponements received between 21 days and 14 days before the course: we will transfer your deposit/fee to one later course of your choice and will charge you an administration fee of £75.  If you transfer to a subsequent course this will be considered a new booking and the usual terms and conditions will apply.
  3. Postponements within 14 days of the course start date:  your deposit/fee is transferable to one future course and you will incur an administration charge of £150.
  4. Non-attendance on the day (without prior notification):  your deposit or full payment (whether paid or due to be paid) is non-transferable and non-refundable.


(1b)      Cancelling your NLP Course booking:

  1. Cancellations received up to 21 days before the course begins: your course deposit/fee is fully refundable.
  2. Cancellations received between 21 days and 14 days before the course: your course deposit is non-refundable.
  3. Cancellations within 14 days of the course start date:  your deposit is non-refundable and full fee is due and payable.
  4. Non-attendance on the day (without prior notification):  your deposit is non-refundable and full fee is due and payable.

Cancellations: your course deposit

For customers cancelling their course within the appropriate time period and receiving a refund of their course deposit, the term ‘Course deposit’ means the training fee deposit payment that you have paid us. If we have invoiced your organisation we will issue a credit note. Any additional course fee payments paid over and above the course fee deposit will also be refunded.

Course facilitators

We aim to run all courses as advertised and we reserve the right to alter the course content or announced course facilitators should circumstances require this.

High Ropes, Low Ropes, and Raft-building

We aim to run all courses as advertised.  In some circumstances including adverse weather conditions, we reserve the right to cancel scheduled outdoor activities, such as the low or high ropes elements, on a course.  In such an instance, we will offer the opportunity to return to a future course to participate in the missed element of the course – and there will be no charge for this.

High ropes weight limits

To comply with UK and European Health and Safety regulations Avon Tyrrell have now introduced a maximum weight limit of 18 stone 12lb  or 120 kgs for participation in High Ropes activities.

Audio Visual Recording

Please note that Audio or Audio-Visual recording of any kind is not allowed during the course for copyright and privacy reasons.

If a course is cancelled

We aim to run all courses as advertised. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, a course has to be cancelled we will refund what you have paid us and we will not be liable for any other expenses incurred.

The unique Pegasus NLP Guarantee

Our NLP Practitioner Certification Training is guaranteed to meet with your satisfaction.

We offer not one but two guarantees.

If, by the end of the second day of (1) NLP Core Skills or (2) NLP Practitioner Certification Part 2, you let us know that you are not convinced that the training programme will benefit you, we will refund your training fee and your accommodation fee, in full, immediately, and without question.  After the end of the second day, no refund will be payable.


(B) Taking part in a course

Personal development rather than therapy

NLP can be and is used as a therapy, usually in conjunction with other approaches; however, our trainings are personal and professional development training courses and are not therapy-oriented.

If you believe that you would better benefit from the therapeutic use of NLP we recommend that, rather than attending an NLP training course, you can seek individual assistance using an online listing such as www.nlptca.com.

The learning environment

People attend our NLP courses to learn and to develop themselves, often because they have been recommended by previous participants, and it is important to us that everyone has an enjoyable and valuable learning experience.

For this reason, we reserve the right to require anyone to leave the course with a refund of the unused portion of their training fee if it is our subjective view that their behaviour suggests they are unlikely to benefit from the course or may in any way inhibit the learning or enjoyment of others on the course.  Note: We reserve this right as a precaution – it has been used 4 times in 19 years.

We ask all participants to refrain from drinking alcohol during the training day. This is both to assist their own learning and to ensure the comfort of their fellow participants. We also ask participants to only smoke in designated outdoor areas.

The 'house' team

By choosing to stay 'on-site' in the self-catering accommodation you are opting to be part of a self-managing team in which, with your fellow team members, you will be agreeing on how best to share responsibility for comfortably, securely, and safely living and eating together during the period of the course.

We will provide recommendations for how best to do this, based on the experience of previous teams, as well as directions on how to find places to eat and to shop for provisions.

Physical activities

In NLP Core Skills you will have the opportunity of taking part in two outdoor activity sessions - the Low and the High Ropes courses - each of which lasts approximately 90 minutes. There are also outdoor-activity sessions at our advanced courses (Practitioner Part 2 and above). These are optional activities and you can, of course, choose to not physically take part while still being part of the team and benefiting from the learning experience.

It is central to our learning approach that each person freely decides what they do and how they do it and that everyone else respects such choices. Should you choose to not physically take part in a particular activity, or to limit your physical participation, this is accepted without question by everyone else and you do not need to, nor will you be encouraged to, explain your choice. (See our article: http://www.pegasusnlp.com/challenge_by_choice.htm )

Minimum level of fitness?

As mentioned above, physically taking part in the physical activities is optional. Whether you are very fit, very unfit, or somewhere in between you can choose whether to take part - and the manner in which you would like to take part e.g. as an active or as a supportive member of the team. 

Likely to miss a day?

It is, of course, ideal to attend all training days but if your schedule means that you have to miss a number of training hours up to a total of one training day from any of our Certification programmes this is acceptable. On your return to the course your coaching team will be able to bring you up to speed on what you have missed.

If you have to miss more than the equivalent of one training day we will ask you to complete the missed course time on a subsequent programme in order to reach the credits level for certification. We make no charge for this further attendance.


Terms and Conditions updated 14 November 2018