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Having fun can be a goal, too…

The Crate Stack challenge on the High Ropes


The Crate Stack - on the High Ropes

Doing the Crate Stack is mainly about having fun. Unlike the other High Ropes Course elements we use on our NLP Core Skills course it isn’t crammed full of insights and learning points.

In the Crate Stack two of you are building a stack of crates while standing on them. You’re aiming to climb as high as possible and there is usually a time limit. But the Crate Stack is designed to beat you – because you have a time limit before the stack is pushed over – from under your feet!  (And you are completely safe, of course, because you are in a safety harness.)

The odds are ‘stacked’ against you

Even if you are really skilled at stacking the crates you’re depending on people on the ground to get the crates up to you.

Then there is no way down except by having the stack demolished.

And even if you’re amazingly fast at climbing and stacking your stack will collapse – because it is built on a skewed platform! (See the photo.)  The higher you get the more it leans. The more it leans the nearer you are to being dumped by your own stack!

The High Ropes and learning

The High Ropes course presents a great blend of excitement, challenge, fun – and insights or learning points.

So what’s learning point with the Crate Stack?

It’s quite simple:

sometimes in life it’s great to do something for the sheer fun of it. For the experience rather than the end result.

What happens when the stack gets too high?

Well... one of two things happens.

You get so high that it topples over and the crates disappear from under you - leaving you both suspended in the air.

Or you run out of time and one of the ground team gets the honour of shouting “Time’s up!” while simultaneously toppling the stack you’re both standing on... !