The NLP subtle skills: Voice

Voice: one of the NLP ‘subtle skills’

One theme, which comes up again and again during our courses is the importance of the ‘subtle skills’.

These are the skills which make the NLP Techniques work well and pretty consistently – rather than in a hit and miss manner.

There are many subtle skills and they include:

Anchoring, in its many forms

Soft Eyes

Observing and responding to body language, skin colour, movements


Voice ‘language’

‘Voice language’? This is what a person’s voice, rather than their words, is telling you about what’s going on for them.

For lots of reasons, we usually pay more attention to a person’s words and phrases than to ‘how’ they speak.

Yet ‘how’ people say things is important: it can even change the meaning of their message. This ‘

Try a little experiment: say the following aloud – do it six times and emphasise a different word each time:

‘I never said he was dishonest.’

Six different ways of saying it – six different meanings.