Tiredness and the 10% New Challenge

Mind, mood and our 'energy levels'

It's amazing how powerfully our moods can impact our vitality.

And how our gloomy or negative moods can quickly blend into one another to become our attitude.

And how this attitude soon affects our physical feelings – and in particular our vitality or ‘energy levels’.

It's because mind and body affect one another - and what we habitually think about and dwell upon determines whether we feel tired and lethargic or feel alert and vital.

Tiredness and the mind

Yes, tiredness is often the result of hard work. And this kind of tiredness usually passes after a rest or a good night’s sleep.

But there is another form of tiredness which doesn’t go away after resting.  It’s there when we go to sleep and is still there when we awake eight hours later. It’s a bone-deep weariness that doesn’t seem to abate.

And often this is the result how we habitually think - of our attitude.

Have a stimulating day! (...rather than just a ‘nice day')

So is ‘positive thinking’ the answer?

Maybe. Or maybe not. It’s not easy to remain cheerful and optimistic just by thinking a few positive thoughts.

So is exercise the answer?

Maybe. Or maybe not. Often the very tiredness you’re trying to shake off makes exercising so unattractive that only the very determined will do it.  (Though a little-and-often approach can work very well, here.)

If not positive thinking or exercise what to do?

Stimulate yourself! Change your routine. Get out of the rut. Introduce change and variety into your day – in very, very small ways.

Just 10% every day or two, in fact.

"10% NEW"  - for 2 weeks

We need routine to make our lives run smoothly and to do things efficiently.

But never-ending and never-changing routine can be decidedly 'un-useful'!  Balance this by offering yourself the 10% New challenge for a couple of weeks: do something new or slightly different every day for 14 days.

  • Take a different route to work
  • Do things in a different order
  • Go out for a mid-week meal
  • Shop in a different shop or locality
  • Listen to the radio for a day instead of watching TV
  • Stand more instead of sitting
  • Wear slightly different clothes
  • Dress a little differently
  • Try a different food
  • Talk to people you haven’t talked to before...

.. the list could be endless - add your own.

Finally, keep it to 10% New – not 90% - trying to change too much and too quickly can quickly be off-putting.

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Tiredness and the 10% New Challange
Article Name
Tiredness and the 10% New Challange
Tiredness is often the result of our mental attitude. But positive thinking may not be the solution. Try the "10% New" challenge instead...