Train the Trainer testimonials

The following testimonials were provided as part of an overall evaluation of Train the Trainer 2016. The assessment was carried out by independent research consultants Emma Newman Consulting and, in order to benefit from participants' considered opinions, was held 10 days after the programme ended, All of the contributors have agree to have their comments and details attributed here.

None comes close

If you want to be able to present workshops or train people in a way that is engaging, memorable and inspiring then this course is the only option! It is so good that no other train the trainer I have attended has even come close to this as far as the quality of the learning and the depth of knowledge you gain.

Jenni Winter, Confidence and Performance Coach - Flying Changes Coaching

Takes you to a different level

At Core Skills, I found a structure to help me understand what was going on around me.  At Trainer Training, I finally understood how to design a successful presentation to 3 or 300 people, a workshop for any amount of days, a better way to connect with my audience by using language in a much more effective and productive way.  And then there's the brilliant use of the flipchart.  Reg unpacked all his secrets and showed me how to shine (more than I do already, of course!) not just in business but in my own life too.  Reg is brilliant and I would highly recommend this course in general and especially to people who, as part of their job, have to present to others in one way or another.  It'll take you up to a whole different level.  Thanks Reg.  It's been fun too.

Vivienne Goldstein, Relationship Coach

You will be challenged...

If you want the certificate on the wall there are a lot of places where it will be much easier to get it. If you want to be challenged as a trainer, in how you design courses for maximum impact and to learn in a environment with other people and trainers that want you to succeed, and develop your style as trainer and presenter, it’s a no-brainer.

Dries Jacobs

Be an 'impeccable trainer'

You will learn new techniques and simple tips that can take you from a good trainer to a great trainer. The 'impeccable trainer' is modelled throughout the course so that you can see the theory being applied and learn from it. Once you've done this course you will want to implement positive changes immediately.

Lesley Lyle, Director of Positive Psychology Learning / Associate University Lecturer on MSc Applied Positive Psychology course

Very powerful

You have to be serious about wanting to improve your performance as a trainer and be willing to examine what you are doing and to change it.  As an opportunity for personal growth it is very powerful.  There is plenty of opportunity for practice at presenting and positive feedback.  We were extremely fortunate to have an extraordinarily interesting and talented group from whom I learned loads.

Anna Hamer, Clinical Director - Heads up! Stroke and Neurological Physiotherapy Ltd

Authentic and experiential

Pegasus NLP 'Facilitated Me' to change and take charge of my own life. I am now in the privileged position to share this with others. The courses are authentic and deeply experiential and very much the real deal. If you are looking for short cuts, this is not the course for you.

Andy Steel, Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Consultant

The difference between good and excellent

You start with very simple presentations and slowly build upon them, layer by layer, improving your skills and your awareness of the details that contribute to make the difference between good and excellent.  As ever, Reg and the Pegasus trainers share their knowledge generously, challenge your thinking and preconceptions, and all within the wonderful learning environment of Avon Tyrell.

Sarah Scarratt, Consultant in Clean Change

Unexpected changes

As long as you are willing to put work in between the weeks I would say do it (you get so much more out of it the more you put in). There are many things you might get out of it, both those you want especially if you are clear about these ahead of the course but also many changes that you might not be anticipating. Enter into it fully, with an expectation and openness to change and see what develops.

Steve Sharkey, Application Support Manager

It paid off

This course really does do what it says on the tin. Whether you are an inexperienced presenter just starting out in the training world, or an experienced trainer looking to hone your skills, this course is incredible. You will learn how to design training programmes with ease, develop the skills of presenting material in a way that sticks, iron out distracting habits that could hamper your delivery, and learn how to effectively market your craft. I put all of my trust in the Pegasus team that this course would deliver and it paid off - was the best money I have ever spent on a training course.

Emma Newman, Freelance Trainer and Researcher