This programme has been, once again, postponed due to the unpredictable ebb and flow of the pandemic.  Like a lot of people we have now put aside our wishes, guesses, estimates and crystal balls - and we are now waiting to see how the battle between the Covid variants and the UK vaccination programmes settles down.  It's quite likely that we will have a reasonable idea of when live training can safely resume by January 2022.

What is Train the Trainer?

The Pegasus NLP Train the Trainer is one of the most comprehensive training and presenting programmes available. In this three-module, 16 day, trainer training programme you learn how to design, market and deliver exceptional training programmes on any subject, including NLP.

What people have said

As part of our drive to constantly improve our training programmes, we asked a research company to contact all participants who had attended on our Train the Trainer programme in 2016 to independently solicit their feedback on the programme and, in addition, to ask for their views on the course. The participants' comments are here.

Who attends Train the Trainer?

This programme is designed for experienced and new presenters who wish to enhance their effectiveness in delivering great training programmes.

The programme is open to NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners who have certified in full-length, full-syllabus NLP certification programmes.

It is designed to be of particular benefit to:

Managers and team leaders:

To enhance their leadership skills and their impact and influence in meetings, presentations and conferences.

Small business owners:

To develop the ability to come across to customers and colleagues as influential and professional.

Sales professionals:

To set themselves apart from the rest by how they present their ideas, products and services.

Trainers, teachers and facilitators:

To better engage and influence groups by making their material more engaging and memorable.

What will I get from attending?

A professional trainer and presenter

Develop the presenting and training skills to further your career or grow your business – by designing, marketing and delivering exceptional learning experiences.

Professional development

To be a successful trainer and presenter you need to be at your best when with a group – you cannot afford to have an off-day.  This means you need to be mentally resourceful and emotionally resilient.  This programme is designed to help you achieve this.

You will be learning and revisiting powerful NLP self development methods. And you will be applying these in your own life through in-depth personal change sessions giving you the opportunities to defuse negative anchors or thinking habits and to select and integrate replacements for these.

Develop your ‘authentic’ style

When you stand in front of a group, sometimes for hours or days at a time, there is no hiding place – people are listening to your words and studying your body language. They are evaluating you continuously.  And the best way of handling this scrutiny is to be authentic. To be yourself and with a style that reflects your own unique personality - rather than tries to be like others.  This authenticity is at the core of being at ease with yourself – and with the group.

We encourage you to make this an ongoing objective through the three modules. You can achieve this objective through integrating everything on the programme - and by using feedback from colleagues and trainers to discover what works best for you.  (Incidentally, we use live feedback rather than video recording as it is more immediate and more time-efficient.)

Be part of a resourceful team

You will be part of a team of like-minded people.  Unlike NLP Core Skills, the NLP Practitioner, and the NLP Master Practitioner, this programme is primarily a focussed application workshop.

This means everyone has the same objective - or has very similar objectives to everyone else.  And we have found on our previous Train the Trainer programmes, which we have been presenting since 2005, that this makes for a very cohesive and mutually supportive group.

On-line support and follow-up

On Train the Trainer 2021 we will be using online methods to maintain the learning between the three modules and immediately after the programme.

These online support facilities will also provide you with the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences on how you are applying the Train the Trainer material ‘in the real world’ as well ask questions or ask for suggestions.

What will I learn?

The 43-point learning syllabus of this programme focuses on four key areas

(1) Enhance your presenting and facilitating skills

  • Progressively develop the programme's advanced skills through making many practical presentations
  • Benefit from a feedback on these sessions from course colleagues and trainers
  • Learn skills for effortlessly dealing with difficult people and situations
  • Learn how to recognise, manage and effectively utilise group dynamics

(2) Design exceptional learning experiences

  • Make your presentations and training programme impact people at both emotional and intellectual levels and produce enduring results
  • Motivate your groups by ‘selling’ the material to them so that you are able to engage even reluctant attendees
  • Develop the ability to design and deliver presentations and workshops on any topic and in any context, including NLP courses – and even at short notice.

(3) Build your NLP skill

  • Extend your range of NLP skills - and your flexibility in applying these
  • Learn how to run NLP workshops and training programmes
  • Use NLP to make non-NLP training programmes more effective and enduring

(4) Market yourself and your work

  • Develop a personal style and ‘brand’ that sets you apart from others in your field
  • Learn how to create learning experiences which result in word of mouth referrals

Check out the questions and examples on the Frequent Questions page

When and where

Where: In the New Forest.

When: In three modules - dates for the next Train the Trainer will be announced early in 2021


Go to this page for practical details including training fee, eligibility, and how to take part.