What exactly is NLP?


Just what is NLP?

Many people have heard of NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming (or even Neurolinguistic Programming).  And there are many versions of what it is - but finding a simple, straightforward and Plain English answer to the question Just what exactly is NLP? isn't so easy.  

So, essentially, NLP is like an 'owners manual' for your brain which provides you with practical tools to run your mind and body more effectively.

At school and college we learned wonderful things like history and geography and algebra. But we did not learn much about how to feel good or to have great relationships.

That's where NLP comes in.

NLP is a set of insights and skills

You can use the NLP methods and insights to be more in charge of your thoughts and feelings.

...and to run your own life more successfully.

...and to communicate with other people much more effectively.

NLP is an ever-growing collection of information and insights into how we human beings function. And this is backed up by a huge range of mental NLP Techniques that can enable us to improve how you think, behave and feel - and to assist others in doing the same.

Becoming skilled in NLP will enable you to:

  • think more clearly.
  • communicate more effectively with others.
  • manage your thoughts, moods and behaviours more effectively.
  • do whatever you already do reasonably well, even better.
  • acquire skills and attitudes to do what you cannot do right now, but would like to be able to do.

We have an article here on the benefits of learning NLP and here are details of our NLP courses.

To sum up: the simplest answer to 'What is NLP?'

It is a way of precisely understanding how you do the things you do - along with a rich set of tools to enable you to improve your good methods and replace your not-so-good ones.

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What people say about our courses

'I didn't know anything about NLP before the course. I found the whole experience constantly enlightening, fascinating, stimulating and thoroughly enjoyable. I met new people who helped broaden my knowledge and outlook and attitude.

It was a truly changing experience in a wonderful and non pressurised way.Really made me think about me and how I react to others and I am a better person for it ... and hopefully people around me will benefit from that! It will complement my coaching perfectly.'

Vivienne Goldstein, Personal Development Coach, UK (3 August 2009)

'This is the first course that I did not nod off on or get bored and after the first few days - I switched off my blackberry. A major result. The course was thought provoking, stimulating - life changing - not in the dramatic 'ride off in to the sunset' sense but in terms of how I perceive myself, how I perceive others, my personal beliefs and desires, my general well being and my work/life balance.

The first comment I have already received is that I seem calmer - that is excellent progress when you consider my high stress working life and busy personal life.

Charles Buckingham, UK (3 August 2009)'

It was the best course that I have ever been on (and I have been on a lot of courses!). I have learnt more about what motivates me and others whilst on this course than any other previous course or study.

The team activities really consolidated my learning in a way that surpasses any other learning that I have undertaken.Four weeks after the course I feel refreshed and invigorated. I returned to work full of optimism.

I strongly believe that by participating in the Core Skills course I gained a new perspective about how humans think and communicate. This will help me become more effective in my personal and and my working life.

Gail Sherwood, Tutor, UK (8 August 2009) 

Click here for more comments from participants

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