When NLP is ‘not’ very smart

NLP… in Plain English?

I began using NLP nearly 40 years ago. And in the early days much of the NLP jargon just about beat me – I really couldn’t make sense of it.

Take, for instance, “The meaning of your communication is the response you get”. Now this one had me baffled for years!

And then I came up with a way of testing if I knew something.

It was simple: “can I explain this to a 10-year-old?” If I could then I understood it. If I couldn’t explain it to a 10-year-old in simple language I hadn’t grasped it.

I began using this approach shortly after completing my NLP Trainers Training Certification programme.

This had been an amazingly jargon-filed programme and as a result I decided I would in future only offer NLP courses which were in Plain English NLP.  And I began using the quality test became “can it be explained to a 10-year-old’  – to test how I was teaching and how well people were understanding.

So what does it mean?

What does that that strange phrase mean? “The meaning of your communication is the response you get!”

It doesn’t matter how well you think you’re communicating – or how well intentioned you are! If you’re doing a good job of communicating the person will understand you – their way!