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NLP is famous for its range of techniques. It has techniques for changing and improving just about anything you do!

Pegasus NLP has been online since 1998 and we have been running NLP-based courses for over 36 years so there is a lot of free-to-use information here – over 100 articles in fact.

Our articles are in 5 website sections

To make it easier to find what you want we have sorted the articles into seven sections on this site. This sorting hasn’t been strict or fixed because some articles span a few categories. 

So if you don’t find what you want in one section check the others; many articles simply refused to be categorised!

Communicating with others  

Tips and insights into how to improve how you communicate

Managing your moods and emotions (1)

A list of tips, information and techniques for managing your moods and emotional reactions. This is the first of two pages.

Managing your moods and emotion (2)  

A second list of tips and techniques for feeling more in charge of your thourhgt and feelings

NLP in the workplace 

How NLP can be applied at work – in managing, leading, team development, and in your career.

Goals, outcomes and motivation

There is a lot more to goals than SMART objectives. How to design your goals to so they lead to action and achieve what you really want

The most popular articles

Here is a list of the 10 most-read (and the 10 least-read) articles on the site over the past 7 days.

NLP techniques: tips of icebergs…

NLP techniques are designed to be supported by important subtle skills including rapport, calibration, language patterns, anchoring, and belief preparation.  

The subtle skills make the techniques work consistently rather than being hit and miss.  They are best learned on a live training programme where you interact with others and have feedback from a Certified NLP Trainer.  

That said, if you practise and experiment you can certainly obtain good results when using the NLP techniques without attending a live training.  

Do the techniques work?

Yes. Most people will get benefits from using the techniques ‘out of the box’.  You do need to carefully follow the descriptions and be prepared to experiment a bit. So, here are four tips to begin with:

1. Write the key steps on a sheet of paper and have this beside you when following the steps.

2. If possible read the steps aloud – this makes it easier to remember them

3. Many of the techniques work best if done ‘spatially’ rather than sitting and reading them. So, where this is suggested, be prepared to move about and sit or stand in different locations. 

4. Do a ‘trial run’ of the technique to become familiar with it. Then a few hours or a day later, do it for real.

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