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4 NLP ways to jump-start rapport

NLP and rapport

Rapport: how to feel at ease with people We feel ‘in rapport’ with someone when we are in tune with each other i.e. when we’re on the same wavelength. Or share a mutual respect for one another.  Or share strong common interests. We can be in rapport with one person – or with a group of people e.g. family,…

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Sneaky Judgements: The "Don't Shoot the Messenger" ploy

“I’m not saying you’ve got poor taste in clothes…” “Of course, darling, you know I love your taste in clothes… I’m just saying that some of my colleagues have remarked on how they feel woman in her forties should dress… err… to reflect her husband’s professional position…” Donna’s non-verbal response to Mark’s comment suggested we…

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The Feedback Sandwich

‘Flavour-of-the-month’ techniques at work One of the things that I’ve noticed in delivering management development trainings over the past couple of decades is the widespread cynicism about… management techniques. This isn’t surprising when you consider the number of too-short technique workshops, with methods which often contradict one another, that many managers have to attend. Their…

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New 'NLP Tips' series on Twitter

Daily NLP Tips The new daily NLP Tips series on Twitter is for people who have had some experience of NLP. This is because anything other than a reminder of an NLP concept or process would be impossible to squeeze into 140 characters – it’s a tough enough challenge as it is 🙂 I’m planning…

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A very public appraisal (Part 1)

How not to do an appraisal Sitting in Caffe Nero a few days ago I had the uncomfortable experience of watching and hearing a loud and brash young manager (unintentionally, I think) humiliating a soft-spoken direct report. As appraisals go it was a pretty thorough example of how not to do it. Rapport – what…

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