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'The Eyes Don't Have It' – NLP scientifically disproved?

A not-very-scientific attempt to scientifically discredit NLP According to research published on 11 July 2012 by three teams of scientists (Universities of Hertfordshire, Edinburgh, and British Columbia) NLP ‘proponents’ are being irresponsible in teaching people about eye movements.* Their paper is called  ‘The Eyes Don’t Have It: Lie Detection and Neuro-Linguistic Programming’ and they have concluded:…

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New 'NLP Tips' series on Twitter

Daily NLP Tips The new daily NLP Tips series on Twitter is for people who have had some experience of NLP. This is because anything other than a reminder of an NLP concept or process would be impossible to squeeze into 140 characters – it’s a tough enough challenge as it is 🙂 I’m planning…

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The NLP 'matching body language' technique

We’re into Day 2  of the current NLP Core Skills programme. It’s a great group, as always, and as part of today’s schedule we have been exploring NLP and Rapport. And discussing how many NLP books and NLP trainings still offer the ‘matching body language’ technique as a method for creating rapport. This technique has…

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