NLP and Rapport: the risky NLP body language method!

Rapport: an old, risky NLP method

How not to create rapport: mirroring One traditional, and risky, way of using NLP to create rapport is by matching a person’s body language. In NLP we call this process matching or ‘mirroring’ So if I use mirroring to get into rapport with you I could match your behaviour in one or more ways. I…

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Boring old "relaxation"… and our health

NLP and traditional health enhancement Before I began to specialise in NLP training I ran stress management workshops for a number of years beginning back in 1983. Often I would be running two to five 2-hour workshops in any week in the Bournemouth-Poole area in Dorset (UK). And I also had a private psychotherapy and…

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NLP & Rapport: Sorry, not interested… in you, that is!

I recently had the interesting experience of, in one week, having an extended chat with two people. One of them was much more interested in telling me about their world and their views than in hearing what I thought. The other was more interested in what I was talking about and what I was interested…

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