Learn NLP

Tips and suggestions on developing NLP skill – based on our experience over the past few decades.

Why Pegasus NLP?

Why learn with Pegasus NLP?   10 reasons to choose Pegasus NLP Plus we guarantee our courses 1. Very practical training in a refreshing and uplifting setting You learn through doing and …

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Why learn NLP?

Why learn NLP – what are the benefits? Some applications for NLP When they first come across NLP many people wonder Should I learn NLP? What’s in it for me? …

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How to learn NLP

What is the best way to learn NLP? Learning NLP is very different from school or academic learning.   Why?  Because NLP is about developing skill rather than merely acquiring information.  It’s about …

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Well, what exactly is NLP?

How do you define NLP? It’s a bit like an owner’s manual that shows us how to use our brains more effectively …

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