The main lake near where we hold our NLP courses

Pegasus NLP training courses.

NLP courses that are practical and very thorough.

When you take part in one of our courses you are learning NLP

  • From an experienced team: we’ve been running NLP courses and workshops since the mid 80s
  • In-depth NLP: we don’t skimp on quality – we provide full-length, full-syllabus NLP Certification programmes
  • In an inspiring location: our NLP courses are held in the New Forest National Park
  • As part of a small interactive group – not an audience of dozens.

Our NLP Practitioner Certification Programme is the original full-length, full-syllabus version of 120 hours. And to make it easy to fit it into your diary we run this in two parts:

  1. Part 1 – NLP Core Skills 
  2. Part 2 – NLP Practitioner Certification

Note: all of our live courses have been ‘on hold’ as a result of the recent the pandemic.  We do not plan to resume ‘live’ training programmes during 2023.


eating out at the Lodge

1. NLP Core Skills

This is the original Pegasus NLP Core Skills course which we began in the New Forest in 1999 and is actually two NLP courses in one:

(1)  4-day stand-alone NLP personal and professional development programme

(2)  The first part of our NLP Practitioner Certification Programme. This means that you are learning in-depth NLP right from the beginning – and, even if this NLP course is just what you need right now, you can return and complete the Practitioner Certification programme at any time afterwards – even years later.

In a nutshell

  • 4 full days of NLP.
  • Over 30 NLP tips, techniques and insights.
  • Held four times a year.
  • Pricing: Training fee £594. Accommodation for the 4 days £120. Prices include VAT.
  • Learn through doing, discussion and discovery – rather than through lectures and notes
  • On-site accommodation for those who want a full personal development immersion and a nice break in the New Forest.
  • Attendance limited to 16 people.
  • Full money-back guarantee – you have two days to decide if the course is right for you – and if you’re not convinced your fee is refunded in full.

Future course dates

Dates are not yet available for future courses.

After the course

We don’t forget about you: you can continue your NLP learning and development with our free after course support:

  • NLP Quick Tips: delivered to your inbox every other day for two months – just 10 minutes a day to streamline what you have learned on the course
  • Monthly in-house newsletter of tips and techniques for everyone who has taken part in a Pegasus NLP course.


Interior of The Lodge where we hold our NLP Courses in the New Forest

(2) NLP Practitioner Part 2

NLP Core Skills (above) is the first part of our NLP Practitioner certification course. This means you can take later part in our NLP Practitioner Part programme 2 to bring your skills to the level of Certified NLP Practitioner.

NLP Practitioner 2 is held each autumn and occasionally in spring. It runs in two one-week modules which are usually 4 weeks apart.

Practitioner Certification Part 2 is open to everyone who has attended NLP Core Skills and attendance is limited to around 14 people.



(3) NLP Master Practitioner Certification Programme

This advanced NLP course is open to Certified NLP Practitioners who have certified through Pegasus NLP.  Attendance is limited to around 12 people and the next Master Practitioner will be announced in the coming months.


(4) NLP Trainer Training Certification Programme

This advanced training programme is open to NLP Practitioners and to NLP Master Practitioners who have certified through the Pegasus NLP 120-hours programmes.  Dates for the next programme will be sent to those eligible.

(5) In house training and consulting

We design and present training programmes for improving results in a number of areas including

  • Team development
  • Leadership and management
  • Change management
  • Handling interviews and appraisals
  • Communicating and Influencing skills
  • Programmes are individually designed to suit the needs and culture of our organisational customers.

Contact us via our contact form.


With our NLP Core Skills course you have a two-day money-back guarantee.

If you are not convinced that the course will benefit you just let us know any time up to the end of the second day and we will refund your course fee – plus accommodation fee if you have stayed on site.

And we will do this promptly, in full, and without question.

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