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Frequently Asked Questions about NLP

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Define NLP succinctly!

This is a commonly asked question. And it’s not an easy one to answer, because NLP covers such a wide field and has so many diverse applications.

The following are a few ways of defining it:

  • NLP is collection of personal development tools for improving your own and others’ performance
  • It is also a collection of tools for effectively communicating with other people: a practical and pragmatic collection of insights and methods that can enable you to improve how you communicate with yourself and others
  • It was originally designed as a means of ‘modelling‘ or creating very precise models of how people do things so that these skills could be taught to others.

In a nutshell…

NLP is a simple yet powerful approach to personal and professional development. It is based on the study of successful human performance in which the skills of very effective people are studied and then made available to others through NLP techniques.

These ‘techniques’ are presented in live interactive workshops. This means that a good NLP workshop is a valuable short-cut to more effective and successful living. In a few hours you can learn what may have taken others years to discover in a trial and error manner.

There is more information about what is NLP here.

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