Pegasus NLP Master Practitioner - the big picture

The NLP Master Practitioner

Our full-length, full-syllabus Master Practitioner Certification Programme is held in three modules. Dates for the next programme will be announced as soon as possible (details here).

Three modules makes it easy to integrate the programme into your work schedules and it gives you time to practise and integrate what you are learning - as well as to develop your personal NLP Modelling Project.

Our Masters is your opportunity to:

Learn to apply NLP effortlessly, conversationally - and without relying on techniques

Develop a skilful, thorough, and integrated life-coaching approach

Apply NLP as it was originally designed – by becoming
an NLP Modeller

Benefit from a life-enhancing self development journey

Benefit from the Release the Brakes on Life process.

Join us for a breath of fresh air in the peaceful and inspiring New Forest as part of a small and select team of around a dozen highly motivated fellow travellers.


upper lake Avon Tyrrell.

Five courses in one

This Master Practitioner is your opportunity to take your skills to a new level and experience what is, in effect, 5 courses in 1:

(1)  Advanced NLP: a thorough training in advanced NLP (including how to teach NLP techniques)

(2)  Behavioural Modelling: a training programme in in-depth NLP Behavioural Modelling

(3)  Life Coaching: a training programme in the Pegasus NLP model of Consultative Coaching

(4)  Personal development: a 12-week (16 training days) personal development exploration and makeover

(5)  ‘Release the Brakes’: the opportunity to apply our life-evaluation and planning programme to refocus your life.

Join us for a breath of fresh air in the peaceful and inspiring New Forest as part of a small select team of around 12 highly motivated fellow travellers.

Who takes part?

Managers and team leaders:

Improve how you lead, motivate, and manage individuals and groups, handle difficult people and situations, recognise and utilise group-dynamics, and cultivate high performing teams.

Trainers, teachers and facilitators:

Develop advanced NLP skills with which to engage and influence your audience through how you design and deliver your message.

Sales professionals:

Ensure your customers recognise the value of your offering, sell effectively even in difficult markets, and develop enduring customer relationships.

Coaches and mentors:

Develop the Pegasus NLP style of Consultative Coaching in which you enable the person to find their own solutions. Apply Consultative Coaching in a variety of situations including life coaching, managing, teaching, and parenting.

Those who want to benefit from personal development:

The Masters is a powerful, in-depth 12-week self- development programme in which we work primarily at the levels of beliefs, values, and identity. And everything you explore is first applied in your own life.


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