Presenting with Influence - 2-day workshop

The skills to present professionally and influentially

The ability to present your ideas professionally, confidently and influentially is a career essential.

Poor presenters

  • Embarrass and may even irritate
  • Dread being the centre of attention - and their voice, appearance and body language communicate this to their audience
  • Focus on themselves – they are self-conscious rather than audience-conscious.

Professional presenters

  • Impress, influence, and inspire
  • Set themselves apart from the crowd because they enjoy the experience and the challenge of presenting
  • Recognise that it’s not about them – it’s about their listeners and how they respond to the message.

Yet the difference between the two groups is simply a matter of having the right skills – skills which you can learn and practise in this two day workshop.

What you will learn

The workshop provides you with two different but complimentary sets of skills:

  • How to design your message
  • How to deliver your message

With these you are able to implement the central theme of Presenting with Influence which is  It’s not about you – it’s about the audience experience!

(A) How to plan and design your message

Thorough design makes your presentation influential and memorable. It also makes your presentation easier for you; you can focus on how your audience is responding rather than on your notes.

(1) Make your message persuasive: Good presentations move people to act. You are aiming to change the thinking and the emotions of the audience – so they will act in some way. Learn how to use the Pegasus NLP Influencing Model to design presentations which influence rather than merely inform.

(2) Make your message memorable: Have a clear structure for your proposal or presentation. This makes it memorable for your audience - and for yourself. It also demonstrates that you know your subject – and that you respect your audience.

(3) Reach their ‘Thinking Styles’: Most speakers unknowingly design their presentation to suit people who think like themselves.  You will learn how to have maximum impact by reaching the 4 main thinking styles.

(4) Avoid ‘death by PowerPoint’: Inexperienced presenters hide behind impressively designed multiple slide presentations. These demonstrate technical skills but do not relate with the audience. You will learn how to use slide-shows to support rather than replace your presentation – and how you can avoid the common mistakes in using slide-shows and flipcharts.

(5) Emergency planning: Use the Pegasus 131 Model to plan a presentation in minutes - ideal for situations where you are asked to very quickly put together a presentation.

(B) Deliver your message

Learn how you can set yourself apart from the crowd – by coming across in a confident and believable manner;  as a personable human being with an important and relevant message for your audience.

(1) Get the audience to ‘buy’ you: Even in highly technical presentations people must ‘buy’ you before they will be open to message. Your audience wants to know what you think and how you feel about what you think and they gauge this by how effectively and professionally you come across.

(2) Present professionally and confidently: What you say is important. How you say it is critical. Your voice and your body language must support what you say so that your message is believable and authoritative.

(3) Use non-verbal skills: Learn to enhance your credibility and your own confidence by how you use your eyes, stance, gestures and voice.

(4) Avoid credibility ‘underminers’:  Recognise the common ways in which speakers undermine their authority - and learn to eliminate these from your own style.

(5) Expect the unexpected: Interruptions and awkward questions can rattle even seasoned speakers. Learn how to recognise and be prepared for awkward situations and how you can turn them to your advantage.

Who attends Presenting with Influence?

This workshop typically a very wide range of people - from the newly promoted executive who wants to advance their career to experienced presenters who wish to sharpen their existing skills and acquire new ones.

The workshop will be of benefit in

  • Team leading
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Project managing
  • Training and development
  • Sales and marketing.

How will I learn?

Presenting with Influence is a fast moving and practical workshop in which you learn by doing.

Knowing about presenting skills is quite different to being able to use them, so you will be designing and delivering around 4-5 short presentations to your colleagues over the two days of the workshop. This format will enable you to progressively incorporate the new skills into how you design and deliver presentations.  (Incidentally, we do not use video recording.)

Who presents the workshop

The workshop is presented by Reg Connolly, the founder and Training Director of Pegasus NLP. Reg has over 30 years’ experience in designing and delivering presentations, workshops and training courses for organisations and for the general public.

Practical Details

Workshop date:

Autumn 2019 - dates to be announced

Also available as an in-house training programme

Workshop brochure in pdf format

Download Presenting with Influence Brochure (when next course is scheduled)


Day 1:  10.00-6.00

Day 2: 9.00-5.00

Group size:

Limited to 8 participants


Bournemouth, Dorset

Or on-site for your organisation.

How to take part?

Email or telephone to provisionally reserve your place or phone 01202 478 168.

Course fee:

Fee: £495 + VAT (or £395 + VAT for those who have taken part in Pegasus NLP Core Skills)

Lunch and refreshments on both days and all training materials are included.


Our workshops are guaranteed to meet with your satisfaction.

Let us know by the end of Day 1 if you are not fully convinced that this workshop will benefit you and we will refund your workshop fee.

Rail travel:

The hotel is within easy reach of Bournemouth Rail and Coach station.

Terms & Conditions:

You can download our Terms and Conditions here

Need to clarify anything?

Contact us: or phone 01202 478 168.

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