Professional Guild of NLP (2004-2017)

The Professional Guild of NLP was founded in 2004 by a number of NLP training organisations.  It was an independent membership-owned body which supported professional standards of training in NLP.

Member organisations agreed to a code of ethics, a core syllabus, and to a minimum length of training.

The Professional Guild of NLP was set up to support high standards for NLP training in the UK and with a view to establishing standards that would-be NLP trainees could trust.

At the end of 2017 the Guild closed – for lack of membership.

At one stage The Guild had 23 organisational members and by 2017 we had only 2 Organisational Members, one of which was Pegasus NLP. This was not unexpected. Membership had been falling and Pegasus NLP had been financially sponsoring The Guild for all of 2017 in the hope of revival of interest and enthusiasm.

However the high standards of the Professional Guild proved its undoing.

In the Guild we required member organisations to adhere to standards that still worked quite well in 2004 but which, 13 years later, were perceived by most of its Member Organisations as being too high to compete with the lower standard of NLP certification courses on offer in 2017.

Pegasus NLP continues to offer the original Professional Guild standard of full-syllabus and full-length 120-hour NLP certification programmes. Our NLP Certification continues to be recognised by The Association for NLP,