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NLP for people who like to think for themselves

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The Incessant Talker

The people who talk and talk and talk How do you get on with incessant talkers – those people who talk at us – and talk and talk and talk. Have you noticed how really skilled Incessant Talkers aren’t just boring – they actually affect our mood and our performance by scrambling our thinking. I had…

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NLP – that scary P-word…

NLP is great, wonderful, amazing etc etc It goes like this; you’ve been interested in and using NLP for a while and have found that it has made a difference in your life. You’ve used it to solve some problems and to make a few valuable breakthroughs in how you think, feel and communicate. And…

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Beating yourself up about things

Do you give yourself a hard time…? What you do when you slip up? When you make a mistake, forget something, screw up, open your mouth and (metaphorically) put your foot in it, do something embarrassing, etc. Well, if you’re like most of us you probably do give yourself a hard time about it. You…

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