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All your eggs in one basket

The lights went out Just as darkness was approaching yesterday afternoon the electricity supply in the house disappeared. Suddenly there was no power, no lighting and no heating. And it is mid-winter here on the UK’s south coast. And it is dark here from about 4 pm until nearly 8 am. And it is quite…

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“I know just how they feel” – NLP and fuzzy thinking

Different languages! The rush-hour train from London was crowded but I got a seat at a table in the noisy, smoky buffet section.  (This was just before smoking in public places was outlawed in the UK). So I was sitting there, listening to relaxing music in the headphones to drown out the noisy boozy office…

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How we do the Anger Habit

I was asked for advice on what to do about anger – so I explained as simply as possible how we do the Anger Habit: People who get angry (let’s just say it’s ‘us’) do so because we have a strong sense of justice and fairness… We believe/decide that something is not fair or is…

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NLP & Rapport (4) ‘Gimme, gimme’ or Win-Win?

I want information!! She didn’t dither nor mess about. She got straight to the point. She wanted information which she knew she had a right to and she expected me to give to her! Her email arrived today via our web contact form and read: ‘I am actually getting fear of closed spaces I want to…

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